How To Reinvent your Life If You Want to Have a Better Life?


How To Reinvent your Life If You Want to Have a Better Life?

Growing up I used to volunteer in my church food bank which allowed me the opportunity to see people from many walks of life. You see many educated and wealthy people donating their time and money to help the needy. You also see a glimpse of a society that you wouldn’t otherwise see in your daily circle.


Different people live different lives, due to circumstances that are sometimes within their control, sometimes not within their control. The drugs, the alcoholism, depression, hopelessness, isn’t all too pleasant especially when you realise that we live in a broken world. “What is it that I can do differently to reinvent myself, be better and live better?” is a question most people ask themselves. For some it is to get out of a rut, for others, it is to change for the better and then for some others it is reinventing themselves because they know they are not living up to their full potential.

Same old same old

Getting older also makes us less open to new experiences. Maybe it’s age or the expectation that as you get older you are set to follow a stable path that is fixed.

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Get up> Work> Sleep> Wait for the weekend to maybe enjoy yourself> Do it all again next week.
After a while, it just seems too mundane. Most people get burnout with many people questioning is there more to life than this? Is there something that I can do that makes me feel fulfilled? Is it in a new job, a new experience, or a new place? We all want excitement, after all, who wants a boring uninteresting life, with nothing to look forward to or nothing to be excited about.

To reinvent yourself you need new ideas, people, experiences, places. If you keep doing the same thing repeatedly you’ll get the same results. Einstein called this modern-day insanity.

Start with a tiny new thing. Unlock your inner potential.

The foundation of reinvention

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”- Albert Einstein

If you want things to change then you need to do something else to get a different result, and even if you fail you fail better the next time.

Smart people with college degrees rarely reinvent themselves. They’re often entitled and think they should get given everything they want in this world because they could study and pass an exam.

High IQ doesn’t determine if you’ll reinvent yourself or become successful. Self-discipline is what decides. That is why you’ll realise people who are book smart in school are oftentimes not as widely successful as those that are street smart.

Success, enormous success usually comes from a place of desperation and enormous passion to succeed.

Say Yes to New Opportunities

Most people are afraid of new challenges, and new opportunities because they feel they may not live up to the expectations. In reality, you need to embrace the reality that you learn as you grow, no one starts at the top, everyone started small and allowed that to compound over time.

Closing yourself to new experiences and opportunities restricts the amount of change and growth you will experience.

Sometimes saying YES means being uncomfortable, uncomfortable to put yourself out there, face rejection, humiliation, failure or even setbacks that your efforts were all in vain. But what better way it is to know that you have done it compared to always wondering “what if”. The biggest regret in life isn’t a failure, it is looking back when you old and grey and wondering “what if” I had taken a different path, how would my life have been different.

Find ways to add value

When you are reinventing yourself, you will often face friction. Family and friends won’t always want you to change because they prefer you to stay at their level.

They couldn’t possibly imagine you doing something that you might believe you can do.

This is why it is important to work on weak ties. What are weak ties?

It is the friends of friends, acquaintances, networking associates, people that will judge you based on the value that brings to the table now not regardless of who you have been in the past. Focus on weak ties because those people can truly change your life and open so many new doors to new opportunities that you couldn’t imagine before.

“They hate me.” → “Rejection isn’t personal.”

“It’s a closed door.” → “One closed door opens another.”

“They said no.” → “What would I learn if I asked ‘Why not’”?

Some people view rejection as a closed door. Sometimes a closed door is a good thing, you are saving yourself from a bad deal perhaps.

You’re not getting rejected. You’re getting redirected.

Do the absolute minimum

Reinvention sounds complicated and hard.

The key is to go small. Most people don’t even do the bare minimum. They don’t read, drink enough water, exercise, or invest their money.

Even if you read for 20 minutes a day or walk for 30 minutes regularly or invest 5% of your income, you’re already beating 99% of people.

The key is to just start, don’t worry about the end, but just start somewhere.

If you want to be fit but hate exercising just show up at the gym. Do 1 push up.
If you hate reading but want to develop self-development skills just read 1 paragraph.
Not sure how to pursue a new opportunity, decide to send that 1 email.
Most people think that to reinvent themselves they needed to get everything done and dusted on day 1. They feel overwhelmed that they give up before they even start. The key is to get the ball rolling. Even if you progress slowly, you are better than the 99% that doesn’t do anything.


Reinventing yourself isn’t just about you. It’s for the people that love you and care for you as well. If your parents are still alive and you pull this off, they’ll get to see and be incredibly proud.

May your parents live long enough to witness your success — Aaron Will

I believe no one achieves success, fulfilment and happiness without someone else sacrificing themselves to help us get to where we want to be. Often it is our parents, siblings, immediate family, and even friends. I know that to be true in my own life.

It makes me teary-eyed and emotional every time I think of it.

Why not show the people that made sacrifices what you can do? Show them that their suffering to raise you isn’t for nothing. That they made the right call choosing you every single time because you are worth it.

Choose to reinvent yourself, because settling for anything less is not an option for you.


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