Two Things Can Make You Money Without A 9–5 Job


Two Things Can Make You Money Without A 9–5 Job

Disclaimer: You Don’t Need To Have Any Job At All!


When you meet a stranger and introduce yourself, you are often asked this question: “What do you do?”

If you answer: I write, I cook, I play, I travel, I write web applications, I build software, I test out products and all such realistic things, you’ll next be asked: “What do you do professionally?”

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In other words, everyone is asking you “What do you do to make money?”

There is a subtle difference between both the questions but this difference will clarify your mission for life.

Most of us grow up traditionally, where we are provided quality education to have a job. Having a job here means working somewhere else, where you contribute your skills and time in exchange for money.

But we often miss out on the point that even if we don’t have a job, we still can make money. What I mean to say is, you don’t need to work somewhere else and provide them what they need in order to give you money.

I am in favor of having a job, I’m not denying it’s importance. I’m in favor of financial freedom as one of its essential fruit. I’m in favor of stability that it brings in when you see your account getting credited every month end.

But here even, you’re making money. So the nutshell is You Have to Make Money and for that, you do this way or that way, doesn’t matter.

If you focus on this, you will find your own ways. You don’t need to have external validations (that I used to seek earlier and realized later). All you need is to find a way, to make money. If this is through a job, good enough, if this is through something you do yourself, great enough!

👉🏼 So how will you make money?

You love cooking?

Be really good at it and start a vlog or a simple WordPress blog or your own youtube channel. Monetize that once you have a good number of followers or subscribers.

You love dancing?

Be really good at it and rent out a small space and start your dancing class. Or create your own YouTube channel and use Instagram marketing to increase your number of followers in order to monetize your YouTube channel.

You love shopping?

Be really good at it and start helping out your friends with recommendations and ask them if they can subscribe to your advice. Start your own shopping page or an e-commerce store and promote other products. Become an influencer and make money.

You love writing?

Be really good at it and start your own blog or write on Medium like I do. Start monetizing your blog with Adsense, Native Ads, and affiliate marketing.

Bottom line is there is no single way to have a job based on your education. You can make money multiple ways. You can always learn new things, grow your skills and make money through that.

Do what you love and you’ll make money!

Maybe not within a year or a two, maybe you will start making money ten years later but this amount will compensate for your ten years for sure.

💡 So what are the two things?

1. Value addition

Money is just an exchange medium. This will never be with you for a longer time. This will again go to someone else from you when you shop or buy something. So this “money” will actually keep revolving based on the kind of exchanges you will have.

But why should anyone give you money?

In order to think more on this, think what kind of exchange you can have? Can you impart your dancing skills in exchange of money? Can you impart your knowledge through writing in exchange for money? It’s all about value addition.

The more value you can add to somebody, the more money you can make. And to make more value, you have to be really good at your skills.

Even better than what others could be having the same skill. Be the subject matter expert and see the money flowing in.

2. Consistency

You know a thing or a two and you’re hands-on it, GREAT!

But without consistency, your skills and time will not make money. I started a couple of things a year ago — I started Dressprise as a surprise gifting platform and ran it for a couple of months, made money and pivoted too. But when I got another full-time job, I left investing my time over here and as such I was not making money through it.

I started and thought of monetizing it with AdSense and down the line, wanted to monetize using native ads and affiliate marketing as well. But here also I was not consistent and I couldn’t make money through this.

I am quoting my experiences here because you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Along with the success stories of others who have made money, you also need to know who couldn’t. And what were the challenges, bottlenecks and all.

Here I was inconsistent in my efforts. Every few months, I was having different commitments and as such inconsistency became a routine.

From this Sept 2018, I’ve pledged to write every single day, produce a single piece of content each single day. And, I am close to 14 articles at the time I’m writing this. You won’t see those articles here because few of them still need more edits. Nevertheless, I’m sure this consistency will start a money-making machine.

So next time, instead of asking someone “What do you do?”, ask him/her “How do you make money?”

Or reply to the same question that “You make money by recommending products” or “You make money by writing web applications” or “You make money by sharing your cooking skills”

Remember, you don’t need to have any job. All you need is the two things mentioned above. Trust me, those two things if applied, can work wonder for you.


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