16 Hobbies that Will bring you Money


16 Hobbies that Will bring you Money

Here is how to utilize your hobbies to make money.


If you are looking for ways to earn more money, the first thing you should do is look back at your hobbies. We all have our personal interests and preferences. So what better way than to deal professionally with something you are passionate about? Pursuing your hobby while getting paid for it may sound utopian, but in reality, it is much easier than you think. Of course, we are not talking about a hobby such as a stamp collecting but there are some activities that can offer more than just fun.

  1. Photography

Photography is 50% hobby and 50% art. If the photos you take tend more towards the artistic side, it is more than likely that you will be able to make some money from it with a little effort. Because there may be many who take pictures, but only a few are really good at it.

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There are many ways to get a cedar from your photos. A wide range of websites is available online, such as Flickr and Shutterstock, which include photos and sell them to various customers around the world. If you are into photography, then you can make some money by creating an account on these sites, and adding photos that potential customers will be able to see and buy.

A more direct way to make money is to deliver your work directly to clients. Professional photographers are quite expensive, so you can be the most alternative and economical solution and provide your services by taking photos at graduations, weddings, and other events. The more experience you gain and the more you expand your customer base, the more you will be able to increase your prices and therefore increase your income.

  1. Computer technician

If you are good at computers and electronic devices in general, then you can easily turn your hobby into a source of income. There are not many people involved in this profession, at least compared to ten years before the explosion in computer production, which means that if one has a good circle of acquaintances can very easily earn a lot of money dealing with this hobby. Apart from the fact that people now trust their acquaintance much easier to repair their device, than a company, which charges exorbitant amounts for the simplest thing and is likely to cause even more problems in the device.

All you have to do is place an ad on a relevant website such as Craigslist, charge less than your competitors and make home visits. Your business will take off soon.

  1. Writing

Writing is a multidimensional branch. Because it is not necessary that in order to be engaged in writing one must necessarily write a book. There are many alternatives through which he can practice his talents, such as working as a freelancer or as an online counselor and service provider. Miranda Marquit, who works as a freelance writer and is considered one of the best in her field, shares the tips of her success: “Working as a freelance writer requires a lot of individual effort and hard work. But if you are willing to make this effort, it is very likely that you will be rewarded with a very good professional career “.

However, it is not necessary to limit yourself to the production of the written word. You can also edit other people’s work, such as writing speeches. In addition, if you are interested in teaching, you can even teach others how to write. It is not as easy for everyone to produce a written text and you will surely find people who are willing to spend money to improve.

  1. Graphic design

Although there are many graphic design packages available on the market, many people just do not “have it” and no matter how hard they try they can not succeed. This is an opportunity that you can not miss. If you are good at graphic design you can look for people or companies who need a graphic designer to design their website. Alternatively, you can create your own website where you will provide samples of your work.

The truth is that the market in the field of graphic design is quite competitive but if you have the talent and appetite for work then you may be the ones who will raise the bar and manage to stand out while earning a lot of money.

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

  1. Gymnastics

If in general, you have included exercise and good nutrition in your life, then why not try to make money from it? The best way to achieve this is to become a personal trainer.

All you need to do is get a professional license and take first aid classes, but it would be good to do some research first to see exactly what paperwork you need, as legislation may vary from region to region. You can start simply as a trainer in any gym, and as you gain more experience to undertake group programs, and when later you will have enough supplies you can also take on clients.

  1. Create / edit videos

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube you know exactly what we are talking about. There are now many companies that consider it necessary to promote their products and services through the internet.

So if you are one of those people who make videos — how to make them and how to edit them — then the opportunity to make money is within walking distance. Depending on your personal preferences you can create your own channel where you can upload videos of all subjects, from instructional videos to business promotion ads. Also, if you are into music, for example, you can upload videos with your own tracks. All you have to do is be imaginative and you will soon see that with a little effort you will get a steady income.

Just a note: if you are not a medium member, I recommend you to join Medium to read unlimited stories which bring value to your life.

  1. Carpentry

Nowadays, those who work professionally in carpentry are measured in the fingers of one hand. Sure, there are a lot of people who work in the construction industry and are considered carpenters, but carpentry is a lot more complicated than that.

If you have the ability to build or repair old furniture, then you meet the requirements to create your own business, which can be extremely profitable considering the minimal competition in this industry, but also if your hobby includes furniture restoration. It is a common secret that antiques can hide great value. By cultivating your skills you will be able to reach a level to increase the value of the object you are processing while ensuring more revenue.

  1. Arbitration

Are you a fan of sports but either you decided not to pursue it professionally or you did not manage to become a professional athlete? There is another solution. You can become a referee. There are many schools that are always looking to recruit new talent who will be qualified to become referees.

The advantage of this profession is that it can be applied to any sport. You do not have to be exclusively involved in football or basketball unless, of course, that is your passion. They need referees everywhere, but the negative and at the same time positive for you is that few choose to expand their horizons and deal with the “outsiders”.

  1. Car mechanic

We all know how much even the simplest damage to our car can cost. So if your hobby is dealing with cars then you can very easily make money from it.

Clearly, it is not possible to open an entire car repair shop in your backyard, but if you have the right tools and know-how in your home you can take on easier tasks such as changing the brakes, electrical components, and so on. If you often happen to be dealing with your own vehicle or that of your acquaintances, why not expand your clientele a little more?

Naturally, entrusting such an important task to a person also predisposes a large dose of trust. You would not trust the repair of your car to anyone. For this reason, work on your social relationships and try to create your own circle of people who will trust you with their vehicles and will recommend you to others.

  1. Blogging

Think of a topic you like. You really like it. Like it to such an extent that you want to keep talking about it and exchanging views with others. If there is such a topic, then you can start your own blog through which to express your views and spread your knowledge on the internet. The blog is that form of website that is a list of listings ranked from most recent to oldest and can host literally any topic.

You can create a simple website through WordPress, where most templates are free, and in the medium term create a complete blog, which will have a specific flow of visitors each month that depending on its impact, will continue to grow, until eventually, you will be able to add ads and collaborate with other bloggers and companies.

  1. Music (teaching)

Music is one of the hobbies that someone must teach you. It is difficult to become self-taught, as most musical instruments have very special handling and techniques, so the contribution of a teacher is extremely necessary. If you think about the people you know personally, you will surely find many who had personal teachers for piano, guitar, violin and so on. So if you yourself know from music and play a musical instrument, you could teach.

The main advantage of this job is that you do not have to be an excellent musician to teach. As a teacher you will work with people who are either starting from scratch or are low level, so even if you are at a mediocre level, you will have a lot to pass on to a student.

You can advertise yourself either online or, even better, by handing out leaflets with your information in schools and tutoring. Many parents are looking for a teacher for their children, so what better place to find clients?

  1. Music

In combination with the previous category and alternatively (in case you are not interested in teaching), if you play a musical instrument but did not succeed or did not pursue a career as a musician, you can find another way to earn money. You can join a local band. Usually, the payment of the members of such a band is per show, so you can do some other work at the same time, while you are professionally engaged in your hobby.

Search the local band’s website so that you can always be informed about the movements and requirements of the local music scene. In addition, do not forget to classify yourself in a specific genre of music, because this way it will be easier for those looking for musicians to find you. At the same time, you can place your own ad advertising your services. Print brochures or business cards and leave them at your local record store or studio so you can make your name known. Remember that social relationships are the A and O in terms of your profession so make sure you are constantly expanding your circle.

  1. Website design

You can design websites for fun, but there are people out there who are willing to pay you to do it for them. Clearly, there are free services on the market that can take over, such as WordPress for example, but most professionals do not have the time to do so, or simply can not do so due to a lack of skills.

This is a great opportunity for those who have the skills and of course the appetite to start such a business. You can start by approaching small and local businesses or simply by placing ads. Create a website where you will advertise yourself and samples of your work and set the price you are asking for, but make sure it is competitive enough to reach customers.

Start with simple websites, and as you gain more customers and upgrade your difficulty level, you will be able to increase your prices as well.

  1. Social media

If you engage with Social media on a daily basis, there is no reason not to try to secure some money from it. Nowadays the management of Social media tends to become a professional industry in itself, while most companies choose the internet as a means of advertising and promoting their products and services. If you are in the middle of things and have the talent and energy to do something so demanding, then working in this industry can bring you a lot of money. The only problem is that the industry is highly sought after, which is why the competition is so hot.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

  1. Comedy

Some people are just born with this gift. They can make others laugh. The truth is that it does not belong 100% to the “hobby” category. It is a way of life rather than a hobby that one can have in one’s spare time, but if that is what characterizes you then you will be happy to learn that there are ways to make money from it.

There are shops everywhere that often host shows and standup comedy and that are in constant search of new talent. At first, you may need to give some performances for free or for little money, but if you manage to establish yourself in the space you will be able to start earning a lot for each performance.

The important thing is to be constantly on the lookout for ways to find out your name. In the first stage, you can participate in performances and “warm-up” the audience before the big name comes out, while in a later stage you can make your own videos with excerpts of your work which you can upload to YouTube.

  1. Constructions

Handmade constructions have always resonated with the world. From jewelry to home decorations. A shocking example is the Etsy website, the e-commerce company that sells handmade or manufactured vintage products related to art, photography, food, household items, and more.

If you belong to the category of people who have imagination and “hold their hands”, then all you have to do is create a simple website through which you will advertise and sell your own products. But be careful in choosing your prices, as the competition in this industry is particularly high


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