9 Tips That Will Turn You Into An Amazing Presenter


9 Tips That Will Turn You Into An Amazing Presenter

✅Practice — This goes without saying. Practice in a mirror, without notecards and get through the presentation as best as possible. Yes, it will suck, but it’s better for it to be awful in a safe
environment than on the day of the presentation.


✅Make It A Heart Project — If you are truly invested in the topic you won’t need the slides or cards. Get invested in your presentation. Ask yourself what would YOU like to hear?

✅Have No Expectations — Talk about what you want to talk about, have your key points there, and do not expect anyone to like it. Give the presentation for you and you won’t be stressed by the looks of others.

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✅Be Free — Be willing to step outside your speaker-box and engage with the audience, even if it’s the middle of the presentation. Break the 4th wall, do what feels natural and don’t restrict yourself.

✅Have An Open Body Language — Wide, open, taking up a lot of space and being clearly visible are some of the best things you can do. Open palms, hands and lower body visible, shoulders back, head up, etc.

✅6 x 7 — A maximum of 6 lines per slide and 7 words per line if you are using slides. No more. Use another slide rather than packing it full. Better yet, post what you write on your notecards on the slides. Only the key points. You want your audience to listen to you, not read what’s on the screen.

✅Talk To A Friend — Seriously, treat it as though you are talking to your friends. It should feel no different than that. If it does, you’re expecting too much.

✅Learn About Charisma — There are some great Charisma tools online. I recommend “Charisma on Command” on YouTube, “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff and Olivia Fox Cabanes talk on Charisma.

✅Write More And Learn About Writing — If you can be a great writer you do not need to be the best speaker. Engage your audience on paper and you will have a much higher chance to do it in the room.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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