3 Incredible Ways To Skyrocket Your Productivity


3 Incredible Ways To Skyrocket Your Productivity

Try them for yourself and see what happens.


1. Have a goal in mind?

Perhaps it’s “The Goal” The one you’ve deeply wanted to achieve for years and have been putting on the back burner. Maybe it isn’t even consciously, you’ve just found yourself swamped in the myriad of other obligations that cannot go unfulfilled. Well, I’m happy to share three different methods to increase your daily productivity and success.

Hard work has its place, but so too does discipline, and these five paradigm-shifting exercises are designed to build just that.

The five methods below harmonize to increase consistency while minimizing distraction. Some require a little preparation, but like building a dream house that will stand for generations, a strong foundation is essential.

The Three Incredible Productivity Procedures

Remember that these helpful methods can be implemented immediately and like any meaningful pursuit, they grow more important with time and persistent application. Feel free to leave room for customization, you know yourself best.

  1. The Reward Calendar

I happen to believe that there is no better way to accomplish a goal than to draw the motivation to achieve it from a reward.

The Reward Calendar does just that.


Print out a blank monthly calendar. If you are really ambitious, print out 12; one for each month. Like a normal “To-Do” list make a note of all the tasks that must be completed and assign a date for their completion.
Once those “Completion Days” have been marked, now the process begins. On the same calendar, mark the days on which the most difficult component of completing the task will take place.
On those dates write exactly what the difficult work is, and the reward you will earn once you have completed that specific element of the broader goal of completing the task.
For example:

Today’s Date ~ 3/31/2022

Goal to Complete: April Report on Mammalian Cell Viability in vivo
Goal Completion Date ~ 4/25/2022

Most Difficult Task: 10-day cell study from 4/6/2022 to 4/16/2022
Task Completion Date ~4/17/2022

Difficult Task Reward: Beach day on 4/18/2022
Reward yourself as you complete the difficult tasks, rather than when you complete the whole project. This method keeps your momentum high and helps fight burnout and negativity.

  1. A “Time Debt” Tracker

This particular tool is a God-sent when it comes to increasing productivity. Perhaps you’ve even heard of it before. The method is simple and aims to minimize the unproductive or idle time spent on your cell phone or other social media apps.


Make a short list of the apps that you would like to spend less time on.
Open your phone and take an account of how much time you’ve spent on apps over the course of the last week.
Set your screen time on your phone to enable a time cut back by half.
For Example:

After assessing the amount of time you’ve spent on each app over the course of last week, you realize that you spend 2 hours on social media each morning.
Set your phone’s screen time app to only allow you to spend 1 hour each morning.
Do this for the next week and after that week, assess your results.

3. The “Now” Mentality Reminder

This is a reminder that should be within view every day. The goal of the reminder is to actively help you complete the task at the time you become aware of it. Now, not all tasks can be completed instantly.

However, this reminder will help you with the ones that can.


In your phone, set a reminder that will ping mid-morning and one that will ping mid-afternoon.
In the reminder write yourself a message that rings to the tune of… “What can I work on/complete right now?”
Discover, decide, and then do.
If you are currently in the middle of a task to be completed, use that reminder as a prompt and make yourself a quick note of the next task you will complete, once you finish the one you are currently working on.

Making Time

Consistently productive habits can take time to build. I think that people are often disappointed when they throw all their effort at implementing a new organizational program today, only to slip right back into the old patterns tomorrow.

Don’t despair. Know that any change is bound to involve a bit of failure. But, it’s that failure, those tumbles, and the time spent off the wagon that solidify an even deeper drive to succeed. Every time you pick yourself back up again, you’ll have just gotten stronger. Keep up the hard work and until next time…

Much Love,

CONTRIBUTED BY D. A. Rutherford.

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