Stop chasing success, do these instead


Stop chasing success, do these instead

Learn from my mistakes


It’s weird whenever I think about what I have done all year up till right now. I’ve made money, I’ve bragged about making the money, I’ve spent it on food and I’ve lost all the money.

They say experience is the best teacher and this statement rings true. I went after my success like a hungry cheetah after a deer and when I caught up to it, I watched it slip out of my fingers.

So what did I do wrong and how can we move forward.

  1. I had the wrong mindset/definition of success, wealth and happiness. I thought if I catch up, I’d live without needing to work anymore. I deeply believed a couple thousand naira in my pocket would solve all my problems and I won’t need to work much but I was terribly wrong and my definition hideously incorrect.


Well in theory it’s easy but a bit difficult in practice. All you have to do is to stop chasing the day dream of instant success and instead look within and sort out your problems.

A piece of paper helps, just write down the exact goal you have then write down your life’s business plan on how to achieve said goal. Don’t chase success, instead process your abilities and build them up to achieve what you want.

  1. I didn’t have an actual skill in the path I took. I made money off crypto currency but I didn’t/still don’t know the core reasons of how the block chain works or how to trade the market. All I did was gamble off sentiment and signals and sure I made returns, the system can’t be sustained.


“Know thy enemy”
Before a general goes into battle, he first learns everything he needs to know about his adversary, he learns his strengths, weaknesses, routine and strategies. From there he plans his battle.

Before getting into a business or taking a job, take the time to research and have an in depth knowledge of how to win at it/how to manage your resources and how to sustain it.

  1. I lacked drive and a clear vision.


Before investing your time, funds, and brainpower, take a little time and ask yourself this question, “What am I doing this for again and can I keep doing it even when I see little to no results”.

  1. I never calculated the risks involved neither did I plan towards any uncertainties.


Buy a calculator

Just kidding but seriously though, you need to learn and plan towards these things

  1. I never had an achievable goal. I just wanted to blow up and make careless money


Set goals then break said goal into sub-goals which you can achieve.

Lastly, don’t brag nor seek validation buy spending without thinking, buying things and edibles you don’t need or pretending your way up the ladder. You’re bound to fall and break your neck.


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