The Benefits of Avoiding Pessimists.


The Benefits of Avoiding Pessimists

Set boundaries to avoid adopting unproductive habits and belief systems


Are you familiar with people who believe everything is dangerous, hypochondriacs, or those who believe that everyone has evil intentions and is out to get them?

These people can be quite a drag because they refuse to live. They’re so focused on adverse outcomes that they forget to experience life’s beauty. Positivity, optimism, and hope have somehow been deleted from their brains.

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The danger of listening to the pessimists who find something wrong in everything and everyone is that their beliefs can rub off on you; it’s happened to me more than once, which is why I have to be firm with my mental boundaries.

Guard your mind around pessimists, hypochondriacs, and fearful people, or else you will become them.
The Pessimist

A woman told me that I would have neck problems if I sat in my position. I never experienced neck problems until she told me that. To this day, I regret ever having that conversation with her. It has been difficult to forget that conversation.

The words of others can be so powerful — we often don’t even realize it. I’ve had to reprogram my mind so that I’m unaffected by her words that were spoken to me years ago.

The Fearful One

Another person believes there is something wrong with every food. After listening to them, you might not even want to consume anything.

Whenever I cook something around them, they’ll question the meal and ask,

“Are you sure you want to eat that? It has x negative effects on your body.”

I respond, “yup,” and move on because I do not have time to adopt their negative belief systems about every food.

If you google any food, there will always be something negative stated. You can’t run away from negativity; it floods our internet and media.

The Hypochondriac

Another friend of mine is always sick. I call them the hypochondriac. Every time I chat with them, they have some new disease, disorder, or diagnosis. We’re now at the point where we play the guessing game, and I take guesses at which new disorder they have. It blows my mind when people seem to want to be sick.

One of my friends often says, we’re blessed with immune systems, so we need to allow our bodies the opportunities to use them and avoid jumping to worst case scenario conclusions about our health.
Sift Through Your People

Be careful of who you consistently spend your time around and whose words you adopt as your own beliefs. Pessimism, negativity, and fear are contagious, and they have a way of insidiously affecting those who come near them.

Some people in our lives are stuck with us forever, which means we will need to establish boundaries, so we don’t adopt their harmful habits and belief systems.

CONTRIBUTED BY Destiny S. Harris

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