How to be in the top 2% in the modern age.


How to be in the top 2% in the modern age

I’ve never been comfortable in a crowd.


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37 years on this Earth has driven me to learn about those who separate themselves from the pack.

Here’s what they share:

Learned from the past, but has no longer any need for it.

Has forgiven themselves and is self-compassionate.

Curious about other people but not attached to anyone.

Does not takes sides or holds grudges and has compassion for all.

Not above earning a lot of money, knowing that money is simply a tool.

Is driven to own income-producing assets while minimising liability material goods.

Focused on massive, creative production while reducing consumption.

Not dependent on any addictive substances or energy-draining habits.

Has created significant distance from state assistance through self-reliance.

Understands the value of spiritual growth and continually nurtures this area.

Has multiple sources of income from businesses and investments.

Dedicated to a healthy, fit body at the elite level.
Seeks out mentors, coaches and guides to make continual progress leaps.

Avoids all arguments, politics and relationship drama.

Is location-independent, not reliant on any geography, able to move at short notice.

All income sources can be realised and maintained remotely.

Triples down on their strengths and is biased to what works.

Outsources all or most work that is outside their zone of genius.

Takes energised, enthusiastic action but is not attached to any specific outcome.

Has learned to let go of stressful or worrying thoughts as a priority.

Approaches life with a sense of playful, light-hearted, joyful intrigue.

Dedicated to continual, steady growth and learning in all areas of life.

Makes creative connections others miss and is an ‘idea-machine.’

Couples idea-creation with continual, sustained action.

Relentless, consistent attack on a target that has proven to work.

Avoids unnecessary attention and fame and maintains a low profile.

Does what the majority refuses to do and goes against the crowd.


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