You Need Exactly These 3 Income Streams.


You Need Exactly These 3 Income Streams

2 — Do the job once, and get paid many times

I make money in these ways every day.
Making money doesn’t have to be complicated.
The pension is not a passive income.
You worked for that money.
The pension is an obligatory saving. There, the state forces me to save some of what I earn.
Bitcoin is just a matter of time and many new savers are and have invested their money in it.
Your 9 to 5 job and investing in the financial markets are sources of income that you already know work.


Here is what I wish I knew at 17.

1 — Don’t trade your time for money, trade tasks for money

Most of us will always have the “problem” of having to pay our bills at the end of the month.
It is reasonable to call it a long-term problem.
Yet most of us solve the problem in the short term by working a few hours a week. Wouldn’t it be better if we solved this long-term problem once and for all?
So that we could release the financial stress and do what we want to do instead of what we have to do.
A job is a short-term solution to the long-term problem of paying bills at the end of the month. — Robert Kiyosaki
It becomes even more important with a long-term solution as we are getting older and older today.
We need to start taking more responsibility for our future, the problem is that we need to do it today.
When you start to approach retirement, it is too late.
I’ve known several people who have done so or are on their way to the journey, and I’ve largely done so myself. One person on Twitter summed up the problem extremely well:
Most of us will probably experience the so-called 40–40–40 scam.
We will work 40 hours a week for 40 years and then live on 40% of our salary.
Don’t be like those people.
Trade tasks for money, not time for money. Start a side hustle right now and watch your life change forever.

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2 — Do the job once, and get paid many times

This is the best way to make money ever.
A passive income is an income where I’ve done the work once, but get paid many times.
And many times I have done the work a lot, completely unpaid for a long time, and then make money from the recurring one.
The most classic examples are music. A song, an artist.
You sing the song once and earn dividends every time.
Exactly, you get nothing for writing the song, recording the song, etc. But when it is played on Spotify, you, as a musician, earn a few cents.
Or make money online by writing.
When I started writing online, I didn’t get paid a single penny. It took me a long time to earn some money to buy Starbucks.
I didn’t get paid a penny. Not even the advance you get in advance, but you get paid when you stop preying on money and start filling the gap.
When the one-time job is over, you get paid every day. No effort is required.

3 — Make money by learning new skills

You can make a lot of impact with a little effort.
Earn while you learn.
If you intend to build a passive income, you will need many different skills.
You will need to be able to sell, market, talk to other people, leadership, etc.
Be strategic, feel free to take on tasks where you learn these things.
This is my best advice for people who ask “What should I read?”
Think about what skills you want, then apply to companies that are good at training in those skills.
Take a sales job until you learn sales, take a leadership job until you learn leadership, and so on.
For the record, you never completely learn leadership. But you can learn the basics anyway.
In what area will you be completed? You won’t be in sales or writing or anything else. I just know that leadership is…
What are you thinking about now?
How can you make money while you sleep?
Many of these questions are great. It’s that part of passive income that puts things on top of their lives.

Automate your savings and think in buckets
You only need to automatically transfer a percentage of your income to your brokerage account and generate passive income from passive investments, you create the best conditions for your money to work for you.
The basic principle is also to think of buckets that must be filled.

First, you need to fill your bucket of first savings (financial protection), when it is full, then you start with long-term savings, and then you can fill the speculation bucket.
Making money doesn’t have to be complicated.

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