10 Easy Money Hacks That’ll Save You Hundreds

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10 Easy Money Hacks That’ll Save You Hundreds

1 got me to $100 saved in 4 months without trying…

I’m big into money hacks. So much so I self-published a book with 101 of my favorites. The following list includes 10 of my favorite money hacks I’ve come across in the last year since publishing that book. Enjoy!


✅Save every $5 bill you come across. Just trust me on this one. Give it a shot. I think you’ll be surprised how quickly these add up without you noticing!

✅Buy it right or buy it twice. Buying cheap or knockoff brands can cost you more in the long run, especially when it comes to clothes or household items. Spending a little more on quality now can save you a lot over time!

✅If you have an iPhone, use it to quickly and easily find and cancel subscriptions. To do this click on “Settings”. Then your name on the top. Then “Subscriptions”. I can’t tell you how many I’ve found over the years and canceled before they auto-renewed.

✅Turn debt payments into savings payments. Once you’re done paying down a debt, keep making that same payment monthly but to your savings instead. I saved thousands in a year by sending $300 to my savings monthly after my car was paid off.

✅For easy, cheap gifting, buy a pack of gift cards from a warehouse store. I scored $100 to a restaurant for just $64 at Costco this week. They came in packs of $25 so I can easily put those in stockings at Christmas or give them away when I’m in a pinch last minute.

✅Substitute ingredients to save — this is simple but underrated. Many know to plan out a grocery list before shopping, but most stop there. Be flexible with specific ingredients based on what’s on sale. Consider rice instead of quinoa, chicken instead of steak, and so on. The more you cook, the better you’ll get at being flexible!

✅Remove your saved payment information from places you often shop online. This small hurdle might help you avoid the occasional impulse buy. This has helped me out massively on Amazon, especially come Prime Day and Black Friday.

✅Shop in incognito mode online so you aren’t bombarded with retargeting ads. Those ads (let’s be real, I’m talking Instagram ads) don’t get me often but they definitely do occasionally! Plus, rumor has it flight prices can actually increase while you’re growing prices once they identify you.

✅To build up an emergency fund automatically, set up transfers within your bank from checking to savings each payday. Alternatively, you might be able to send some of your paycheck to savings and some to checking by filling out a quick form at work regarding your direct deposit.

✅Finally, be sure you put savings into your budget as opposed to simply saving anything left over. No explanation needed, but it’s a reminder many people need to hear!

CONTRIBUTED BY Frankie Calkins

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