5 Rules of Life by Bill Gates


5 Rules of Life by Bill Gates

I choose 5 life motos of one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.


For many years he was known as the richest man in the world. He dropped out of college to start his own company and after a lot of work and dedication, Microsoft became the largest software company in the world. He is also known for his charities.

Bill Gates is a very successful person by social standards and is also another great example, that success is achieved through hard work, faith, will, dedication and mentality. Talent and “intelligence” are secondary.

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These are the top 5 lifestyle rules of Bill Gates.

1. Believe in your ideas!

We believed that the internet is the future and we believed in our ideas. We bet on that. It was very easy for me to drop out of college and start Microsoft because I really thought it would be a huge success. If we did not believe it ourselves, then who would believe it?

2. Be a student forever!

I dropped out of college, but I continue to take college classes. I teach business, psychology, and more. I really like to learn new things all the time. It is very good to be surrounded by smart and educated people and to constantly learn from them. Learning never stops.

3. I gain procrastination.

I had a very bad habit that I developed when I was in college. I liked to show others that I do not read and do not work at all. I liked to show that I do not care about anything and I did not go to classes. And always at the last minute, one day before the exams I sat down to read.

Others thought this was funny. That was my title in college. The guy who does nothing. But this habit was destructive when I started the company. I could not leave it all to the last minute and no one found it funny anymore. I had to change this habit and it took me a long time. But I changed it. If I had not changed it, I would not have gotten here.

4. I enjoy what I do.

The key is to enjoy what you do every day. What I enjoy is working with smart people and trying to solve new problems. It is very important to enjoy what you do because the job is not easy.

5. Ask for help and advice.

I have my father, I have Warren Buffett, I have my wife Melinda, who knows me very well and knows my flaws. So they help me to correct my course when I deviate. My principle is to seek help and advice from people who can help me. I can not have all the answers on my own.

Final Thoughts

It was quite difficult for me to write the 5 rules of Bill Gates as there are not many videos on YouTube that talk about his philosophy. But from what I found, it is clear once again and from another very successful person, that success is neither accidental nor due to the talent of everyone. It is purely a matter of mentality.

My favorite rule was that you should always be a student.


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