7 Proven Methods to Increase Your Luck and Success


Being “lucky” is about taking the correct actions.

Some people seem to have all the luck. They have the perfect job, the perfect partner, and the perfect life. Most people even say that successful individuals are not the most talented but the luckiest.


But although some things that happen to people may seem random, luck is not something that happens to you; it is something that happens because of you.

Luck is something you can create, increase, and control; you just have to understand how it works. Here are seven proven methods to do it.

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#1. Be in the places you can have more opportunities.

Alan Fuerstman is an American entrepreneur and business executive. He was lucky because, before college, he decided to work as a part-time doorman and bellboy at a Marriott hotel in Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

Working in a hotel allowed him to meet important business people, one of them, Bob Small, a guess who later became Marriott’s general manager and eventually the CEO of Fairmont Hotels.

The people he met helped him learn and understand everything necessary to become a businessman later.

When you get a job or have to go to certain events, have the mindset of choosing the places where you could be luckier.

For example, it’s Friday night, and you have two options (you have to select the one that has more luck potential): Watching Netflix the whole weekend or attending some technological events and a cocktail party. Which one do you think will have the highest potential for future luck?

#2. Try to be the most interesting person in the room.

When you are with a group of friends, are you the most reserved or the one who does not stop talking?

You probably feel that if you are with a group of friends at an event just to socialize, there is no point in trying to stand out. But when you talk about interesting things and the skills you possess, people will remember you quicker when they have a good opportunity.

For example, when I was in college, every day, I asked my professors a specific question: “How can I apply the knowledge from today’s class to the banking area?”

My classmates laughed because I asked the question every day, and at one point, the teachers had fun answering me, or some classmates remembered doing it for me. But one day, a colleague who worked in the banking sector asked me if I wanted a job because there was an open position in the bank where he was.

So you can create or increase your luck if you search for a phrase, skill or do something specific that allows others to remember your skills.

Also, meet new people. Jenice Kaplan, in her book “How Luck Happens,” wrote that it’s non on the people that you always expect that you can find new opportunities:

“The real power comes from the strength of weak ties. Your parents and friends already know the same people and opportunities that you do. But it’s that next circle — the people you only see from time to time — who can often introduce you to new possibilities.”

#3. Avoid toxic people.

It’s difficult to see opportunities when you are around toxic people.

Negative people will always see the bad in everything that happens to you. If you know someone in the grocery store saying that he belongs to a modeling agency, they will say that is dangerous, and you should not call him.

If someone tells you about a business opportunity to double your profits, they will say that it is a scam and that you should not invest there.

So start surrounding yourself with people who will help, motivate and drive you when those kinds of opportunities appear in your life.

#4. Be aware of (and act on) opportunities.

“It’s only when the unexpected happens that we are fully present and awake to the world around us.”

— Tania Luna

If you meet the most successful person in your area right now, would you be able to ask him for a job in his company? Many people wish they had the opportunity to work with the person they most admire but are not ready to go if that opportunity comes.

However, many people who others see as “lucky” were simply ready when that successful person asked them.

The harder you work to prepare yourself to find and seize opportunities, the luckier you get.

Also, be flexible to change your plans. New opportunities don’t care if you plan to stay in your current job for five years. If you think that this new job will be what you need for your life, don’t be afraid to change the direction.

Another thing you can do to increase those opportunities you want is to tell everyone you know what exactly you want to do and why. In this way, when your friends are in a position to think about you, they will recommend you.

#5. Increase your outputs to maximize opportunities.

Most people are luckier because they tend to create many scenarios that maximize their opportunities and increase their chances of winning.

Who do you think would be more “lucky” to go viral, someone who writes two articles occasionally or someone who writes 10?

The more outputs you have, the luckier you will get. So, to increase your luck, just start publishing more, create more, and have more presence in the areas you want to focus on. If you don’t take chances and put yourself in a position to have something happen, it won’t.

#6. Keep on hustling

You don’t lose until you quit, so don’t quit.

There are more probabilities that something works for someone who is actively working on their dreams than someone who decides to give up. As long as you are working and having outputs, you have a chance of being lucky to achieve something.

#7. Change your bad luck to opportunities.

No one can be lucky all the time. Failure is part of our life and happens to everyone. But we can take those bad things and see what we can get with them.

Many people have told me that something terrible happened to them. When they look back, they could say that this was the best thing that ever happened to them, and they wouldn’t change it even if they could, because that helped them to change the direction of their life.

Final thoughts

“Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.”

— Richard Wiseman

Good luck is opportunities that you have the chance to get. To increment it, create the scenarios and be ready for when they come.

If you want to create or increase your luck, here are 

7 ways to do it summarized:

Be in the places you can have more opportunities. You can be luckier at a party around new people than watching Netflix in your room.

Try to be the most interesting person in the room. When you stand out, people will remember you when an opportunity comes.

Avoid toxic people. It’s difficult to see opportunities when you are around negative people blocking your vision.

Be aware of (and act on) opportunities. Make sure you are ready when a good opportunity comes.

Increase your outputs to maximize your chances of winning. The more you expose yourself, the more chances you will have.

Keep on hustling. You don’t lose until you quit, so don’t quit.

Change your bad luck to opportunities. No one could be lucky all the time, but you could learn and act to change those events.

CONTRIBUTED BY Desiree Peralta

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