7 Rules for Self-Improvement (Please apply #4 now!} 


7 Rules for Self-Improvement (Please apply #4 now!}

Let’s get gritty, because nothing changes until you do.

Self-improvement is not a linear process. Nor a step by step one. It looks different for everyone.


But there are a few basic rules that anyone can master.

So if you need help getting started, here’s quick hitting list to get you moving.

1. Health is a priority

You’re nothing with your health. Nothing else matters if your health is garbage. You understand this if you get really sick. You can’t accomplish shit.

It pay dividends to sleep well, eat well and move a lot. Oh and to reduce your stress level every chance you get.

2. Always be reading and learning

Smart, wealthy people read to learn. They don’t read for entertainment. Though they do think learning is fun.

I can’t even count how many successful people claim reading as their number one hobby. Maybe even more than a hobby, more of a must do.

Reading was the catalyst for my entire life upgrade.

3. Be radically honest with yourself

You don’t level up until your honesty level goes up.

Question your opinions. Recognize when you’re making excuses. Have conversations with people who see the world differently than you do.

But most of all, don’t tolerate your own BS any longer.

4. Understand compounding

Compounding works with both money and habits.

Let’s say at 25 years old you invest 5k into a stock account. Then you never added another penny. When you went to retire at 65, that account would be worth 109k. If you decided to add 250/month to it every month…it’d be worth 919k.

That’s your money compounding.

But habits do so as well. If you invest in your well being, you’ll be healthy. If you invest in your relationships, you’ll be happy. You get the idea.

5. Seek out actionable advice

Lazy advice does us no good. We need to know what to do with it.

Seek out actionable advice and then create actionable goals.

Lazy goal: I want to sell more.

Actionable goal: I will reach out to 10 prospects and 2 former clients every day.

6. Fix your finances

If you don’t learn how to make money work for you, you’ll be working for money forever.

Start simple- create a budget. Track your incoming and outgoing money. Open a brokerage account that has free trades. Buy ETFs.

Don’t overcomplicate things or try to time markets. Just start buying assets and holding them.

7. Create a plan, stick to it

F*ck your feelings, follow your plan. That’s my mantra.

Read the best shit you can get your hands on and then apply it to your life.

Build a plan around everything you learn. Then follow that plan relentlessly.


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