Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #82 


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #82

Portion 1

This Marvellous Day, My God will visit me afresh with His wonders and grace. The mountains of life will keep melting as wax before me wherever I go.

Portion 2

This Marvellous Day, Great things will keep happening in my life. The land will constantly be subdued under me. Everything I do shall continue to flourish abundantly.


Portion 3

This Marvellous Day, My God will keep granting the petitions of my heart. Good things will keep rushing into my life. My life will continue to get better and better.

Portion 4

This Marvellous Day, Specific answers will match my heartfelt prayers. Double promotion is ever my portion. The word of God will keep becoming flesh in my life.

Portion 5

This Marvellous Day, I will keep taking the delivery of my inheritance. My life will always be a great blessing to mankind. Grace, mercy and peace shall be multiplied unto me.

Portion 6

This Marvellous Day, I will continue to choose life and perpetual victory. Only the top is my portion and people will continue to honour me in ways that I have never seen before.

Portion 7

This Marvellous Day, Disgrace and stagnation shall be far from me and my household. My God will continue to deliver me from every form of evil.

Portion 8

This Marvellous Day, I shall continue to be built up in God. My life will continue to be too hot for the enemies to meddle with. All my loved ones shall continue to be heavily defended by God.

Portion 9

This Marvellous Day, I decree that I shall not enter into temptation in any way. My life will continue to be a great inspiration to many. The wisdom of God will continue to put me on top.

Portion 10

This Marvellous Day, My life shall continue to be full of wonders. I will continue to have absolute dominion over every form of defilement. My time of greater joy has come.

❤️Be blessings consciousness addicted. Don Let us fool ourselves; the truth is that we are alive to be blessed. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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