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Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #70

Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #70

Portion 1

This Blessed Day, My life will keep embracing godly instructions. I will continue to look up to God no matter what. Forward and upwards ever is my portion.

Portion 2

This Blessed Day, No matter the heat on the earth, I will never negatively feel it. No plan of the mocker will work in my life. My life will keep influencing souls to God’s kingdom.


Portion 3

This Blessed Day, Kingdom wealth is forever my portion. My talent will keep making ways for me in life. The strength for productive service is ever my portion continually.

Portion 4

This Blessed Day, My God will keep enlarging my coast. The treasures of life will keep pouring into my life to the glory of God. I will ever remain stable and vibrant in God.

Portion 5

This Blessed Day, Divine secrets and witty inventions that will keep changing my levels will continue to flow in my life to the glory and praise of God.

Portion 6

This Blessed Day, More positive changes will continue to roll into my life. I curse every unbelief out of my life forever. My life will continue to make God glad in every way.

Portion 7

This Blessed Day, My final bus stop will continue to be God. I will continue to celebrate God’s faithfulness in my life. This land will continue to favour me and my loved ones.

Portion 8

This Blessed Day, I will keep going up and up in every good way. Every cell in my body will keep bursting with good health. Good people will continue to surround me for good.

Portion 9

This Blessed Day, The grace of God will continue to preserve me. I will keep reigning and ruling in this earth to the glory of God. My life will continue to be sweet!

Portion 10

This Blessed Day, The miraculous is ever my portion. I shall not experience any form of shame and reproach. The rain of blessings will keep falling upon me.

Portion 11

This Blessed Day, My life will continue to experience great joy and overflowing joy. It shall be blessing galore in my life. God will keep making ways for me in strange places to His glory.

❤️Keep the momentum going by going over these LIMITLESS BLESSINGS DECLARATIONS from time to time. A great harvest of blessings is sure. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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