Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #51


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #51

This Blessed Day, New things of glory and honour will keep coming to me. My labours shall be greatly rewarded with abundant harvest of good. My life will always be a great blessing to the people around me. Only the sound of victory and overflowing joy shall be heard in my home.

This Blessed Day, The work of my hands shall continually be Blessed beyond measure. I will continue to make astounding progress in every aspect of my life to the glory of God. No evil will gain any access to me. It is forward ever and victory ever for me and all my loved ones.


This Blessed Day, Things will keep getting easier and better for me and my loved ones. My joy will continue to be full. My life will ever be unfolding into more and more glory and honor and riches. Life will keep getting more and more exciting for me in every good way.

This Blessed Day, The high flying life will continue to be my portion. The peace of God will keep ruling in my heart Day and night. Every area of my life shall reflect the glory of God. It shall be good news galore for me always. Nothing will diminish my joy in any way.

This Blessed Day, My God will keep doing great things in my life. I shall continue to experience greater breakthroughs in every area of my life. Everything I do will continue to glorify God. My life will continue to get better and better. Greater harmony will keep ruling in my home.

This Blessed Day, The Favour of God shall be mighty in my life. More and more doors of breakthroughs will continue to open for me in high places. Fears and anxieties will never be part of me. Greater testimonies of God’s goodness will be showing forth in my life.

This Blessed Day, My life will continue to radiate the great glory of God. There shall be no evil report in any area of my life. People will see me and call me Blessed and favored. Divine restoration is continually my portion. I vehemently decree that there shall be no loss in any area of my life.

This Blessed Day, I will keep hearing good news in every area of my life. Nothing will stop the good will of God from coming to pass in my life. My joy will always be full. Great peace will always dominate my mind and life. Unimaginable blessings will keep flowing into my life.

This Blessed Day, I decree total deliverance from every form of oppression. No one will take my place in destiny. Whatever I need to be doing at this stage of my life shall be done without struggle. It shall be success galore for me in every department of my life to God’s glory.

This Blessed Day, I will arise and shine. I shall see only good. I will continue to prevail by the power of my God. Divine health and total peace will keep ruling in my habitation. I will continue to operate in financial dominion no matter what.

❤️Blessings consciousness is a must for one to keep experiencing blessings upon blessings. Keep declaring these blessings upon your life and remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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