Open Letter to all students #05


Open Letter to all students #05

Dear Student!

I want to talk about the mind. Your mind is an incredible asset given to you by God to engineer your life beautifully. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Your mind can work for you or against you depending on how you use it. Use your mind well and you will live a very happy life.

Always learn to guard your mind jealously and never allow trash to enter it. Stand at the gate of your mind and watch warily whatever may want to come in. if it is anything that has to do with negativity, you have the power to stop it there and then. Use your mind to think positive.


Use your mind to imagine a great future for yourself. Use you mind to craft a better tomorrow. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

When you allow trash to keep entering your mind, you are paving ways for trash to keep coming out of your life. Stop watching violent and dirty films. Stop reading things that can poison your mind. Treat your mind like a great friend. Pamper it with good thoughts. Entertain it with great and lofty ideas.

Use your mind to meditate the Word of God persistently and daily. What you will become tomorrow has so much to do with your mind. Use your mind to design the life you want to live. Don’t permit negativity to fester in your mind in any way.

Use your mind to read great books that can transform your destiny. Please note that you cannot separate a great person from his or her mind.

Champions of life are known by the quality of thoughts going through their minds and producing great virtues that people can see and admire. God has given you a great tool to become a great person on the earth. That great tool is your mind. The ball is your court to choose and achieve greatness.
You Will Succeed!

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