Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #39


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #39

This wonderful day, I believe that I am blessed. I believe that the best is yet to come for me. I believe that the rest of my life shall be the best of my life. I believe that my case is settled forever to the glory of God.


This wonderful day, I shall experience the wonders of heaven. I shall live in perpetual joy and peace. The love of God will keep bubbling in my heart for great and triumphant existence on the earth.

This wonderful day, I will ever be looking fresh and beautiful no matter what. My heart shall ever be full of praise. My eyes shall continue to see good. I shall know no dry season. I will continue to grow stronger in the seasons of life.

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This wonderful day, I declare that murmuring and complaining shall not be heard in my habitation. No issue of life will get me down in any way. The river of blessings will continue to flow in my life to the glory of my Father God.

This wonderful day, my God will continue to perfect all that concerns me. It shall be journey mercies galore for me and my loved ones. The glory of God shall be seen in every area of my life. The Word of God will continue to be my food day and night!

This wonderful day, things will keep turning around for good in my life and that of all my loved ones. The joy of the Lord will continue to be my strength. I will ever be unshakable in all the affairs of life to the glory of God!

This wonderful day, I declare confidently that I am in my season of everlasting joy and peace. I will continue to receive the help of my faithful God. The sound of joy shall not cease in my home.

This wonderful day, I will continue to appreciate God for the total health of my family. The goodness of God will continue to be my rest. My eyes will continue to be on my God. I decree that I shall never be stranded in life. I will continue to flourish no matter what!

This wonderful day, no weapons designed against my continual prosperity shall prosper. The fountain of peace in me will continue to function maximally. The river of joy in me will continue to run smoothly no matter the happening around me.

This wonderful day, I shall experience great financial blessings. I shall go higher. I shall hear good news . The grace of God upon my life will continue to increase more and more. I will continue to occupy my place in the scheme of life. More and more testimonies of wonders will keep coming from me and my household.

❤️Repetition is the secret of secrets when you want to accelerate your progress in the journey of life. Keep declaring these blessings and you will keep experiencing untold blessings. Remember to keep sharing the blessings.🙏🏿

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