Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #34


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #34

This Golden Day, Each of my steps shall be greatly rewarded with blessings. I shall continue to experience more and more miracles upon miracles to the glory of God.

This Golden Day, I shall continue to be encouraged to go for life’s best. I will keep receiving more and more favour from God and man.


This Golden Day, My life will always be a great blessing to others. The things that I do shall be greatly rewarded beyond measure. It is forever well with me.

This Golden Day, The peace of God will rest upon me greatly. The enemy will not know my home. The power of God will continue to transform my destiny.

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This Golden Day, Divine health is forever my portion. All that I do shall be baptized with favour. Everywhere I go, It shall be favour galore. Heavenly blessing is ever my portion.

This Golden Day, The arrow of the wicked will not locate me. It will continue to be up and up for me in every areas of my life. Total stability in God is my portion.

This Golden Day, Divine protection is ever my portion. The seed of longevity in me will continue to flourish exceedingly. I will keep experiencing God’s help.

This Golden Day, It is well with me in every way. Only the will of God shall be done in my life. The goodness of God will continue to manifest in my life.

This Golden Day, My confidence in God will continue to be strong. My health shall continue to be vibrant. Nobody will stop me from experiencing more and more of God.

This Golden Day, I will continue to be an overcomer. I will continue to excel in all that I do. I will continue to do exploits in the land of the living to the glory of God.

❤️It pays to be incurable positive than to be negative. Positive mental attitude will radically transform your life. Declaring blessings over your life is a positive action that will always do you good. Remember to share the blessings.🙏🏿

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