Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #17


Limitless Blessings Declarations Episode #17

This Precious Day, My strength shall be renewed more and more. Deep insight that will make my life full and beautiful will keep coming to me. It will continue to be well with me and all my loved ones. Divine protection is continually my portion. I will ever be dancing for joy. I will ever be fruitful

This Precious Day, A greater comprehension of the things of God will ever be my portion and the portion of the members of my household. I will always be a spiritually favored person. I will always be experiencing next levels of glory, honour, riches, strength and wisdom in life.


This Precious Day, My blessings will locate me. Great people shall enter my life. My life will keep blessing many. As the apple of the eyes of God, no evil will dare come near me. The seed of divine longevity will keep flourishing in me. I will continue to be a great blessing to my country.

This Precious Day, The abundance of God will fill my life. Good things will enter my life. Divine breakthrough is ever my portion. My God will continue to defend me and my household. My God will keep opening new doors of blessings for me. My light will keep shining no matter what.

This Precious Day, There shall be a release of more and more of God’s blessings into my life. Everywhere I go, it shall be favour unlimited. I will continue to enjoy the goodness of the Lord. I will continue to experience divine connections. I will ever be scaling new heights to God’s glory.

This Precious Day, The seemingly impossible shall become possible in my life. The heaven on earth lifestyle will always be my portion. It shall be from glory to glory for me. God and people will continue to remember me for good. Every aspect of my life shall radiate God’s blessings.

This Precious Day, Great things that will help humanity will continue to happen in me and through me. I will continue to receive great help of God in amazing ways. I will continue to live in harmony with every member of my family. My home shall be paradise on earth always.

This Precious Day, Signs and wonders will dominate my life. Things will keep getting better and better for me in every way. People will greatly favor me. I shall continually manifest the wonders of God. Everywhere I go, I shall see the blessings of the Lord pouring over my life in torrents.

This Precious Day, My life will continue to be a great inspiration to many. My gift from God will keep blessing multitudes. My name will constantly be mentioned in high places to Gods glory. All my friends shall experience the goodness of God in new ways beyond their imaginations.

This Precious Day, My attitude will keep attracting more and more blessings to me. I shall be free always from anxieties and fears. It is ever well with me. Amazing things of glory will keep happening in my life. No weapon fashioned against me and my loved ones shall prosper.

❤️I can state categorically that the secret of success is repetition. There is power in repetition. Repeated declarations of positive words into your spirit will do wonders in your life! Don’t forget to share these blessings NOW!🙏🏿

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