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25 Great Reminders For Leaders

🛑25 Great Reminders For Leaders

Love people, not programs.

Nurture people by being flexible and dynamic.

Establish a reputation for being gentle and kind.

Constantly show your interest in others.

Choose words people will embrace.

Take the time to write down your values and beliefs.

Patience produces lasting results.

Adopt a personal code of ethics.

Build on a foundation of truth.

Offer a vision of hope.

Love people for who they are.

Discover the dreams of others.

Offer people what they love.

Express and demonstrate your gratitude.

Treat people with admiration, counesy, and respect.

Don’t be threatened by people with potential.

To demonstrate tmst, delegate.

Create a nonintimidating atmosphere.

Don’t avoid unpleasant topics.

Learn to truly understand others.

Never betray a confidence.

Become a passionate communicator.

Don’t be known as a critic.

Emphasize what you have in common.

Be quick to acknowledge your errors.

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