Blessings Declarations Today #2


Blessings Declarations Today #2

  • This amazing day, my heart shall continually be filled with thanksgiving and praise. I will continue to experience blessings upon blessings no matter what. The journey of life will ever be sweet for me and my family.

  • This amazing day, good things will continue to flow into my life. Nothing shall separate me from the love of God. Nothing will make me lose my joy and peace!

  • This amazing day, things shall keep working in my life. My heart shall ever be connected to my Source. The goodness of God will keep manifesting in every areas of my life. There is no room for complaining in my life!

  • This amazing day, my God will keep perfecting everything that concerns me. I shall keep moving from good to better and to best! My health will ever be sound no matter what. My strength will continue to be renewed every day.

  • This amazing day, I shall receive speedy answers to my prayers. I will keep going up and up in God. There shall be definite turnaround in all my affairs positively. I will keep scaling new heights in life.

My comment

What we keep declaring, we will one day experience. Life, I mean real life is from inside out! There is power in affirming continually what you want to keep seeing in your life.

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