Blessings Declarations #3


Blessings Declarations #3

  • This amazing day, I decree that everything I do shall continue to be Stress-Free. All manner of favors shall keep coming to me. I will keep standing strong in every aspect of my life. More and more money will keep flowing into my life.

  • This amazing day, It shall be continual laughter for me. My God will continue to settle me in every way possible. I am forever blessed. I am forever appreciative. I am forever lifted. I am forever at peace!

  • This amazing day, I will continue to have a next level mentality. I will keep changing levels from glory to glory.  I will keep enjoying the goodness of God in every way. I will keep changing levels with addictive gratitude.

  • This amazing day, nothing will cut me off from unending joy. I will keep dancing and praising God. Unending supplies of blessings will keep flowing in my life. People will keep remembering me for good.

  • This amazing day, my experience of life shall continue to be sweet. I shall encounter miracles in my finances. Every aspect of my life shall be decorated with the glory of God. I will continue to be fearless and courageous no matter what.

My comment

Mere reading of these declarations on a consistent basis will also be a great blessing to you. Please do not underestimate the power of these declarations to change your life for good!

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