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We meet people daily, but some are usually so outstanding that you never forget the singular encounter you had with them even if you never meet them again. Why is this so? These people have probably developed themselves to have powerful personalities over time. Then the question goes, “how do I develop a powerful personality?” I want to be like these people.

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Developing a personality of power isn’t a quick fix that happens at the wave of a magic wand. It takes time and conscious effort to build, and the good thing is—it always pays off. People with powerful personalities often wield a huge influence on others even without them speaking. In this guide, we’ll explore all you need to do to develop a strong and powerful personality like these people.

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What’s a powerful personality?

A powerful personality describes a blend of temperament and authenticity in character that a person has both personally and professionally. While it doesn’t focus on a specific kind of temperament, it reflects a strong sense of self-awareness and strength in character that makes it easy for them to inspire others and smoothly collaborate with them.

If you’ve met someone whose presence on the team makes a lot of difference and whose absence is often felt, they’re likely to have a strong personality. Having a powerful personality is different from occupying a position of power. A person occupying a powerful position may or may not have a powerful personality. The problem with the latter is that it often ends with the position. An individual who has a powerful personality will continue to wield influence regardless of the position they occupy.

Benefits of having a powerful personality

Think about those who have a powerful personality that you know, would you easily say ‘no’ to them if they request something from you? Rather, there’s a tendency you want to help them even before they ask, because of the depth of influence they wield. Right? Various benefits come with having a powerful personality, here are a few.

Great relationships:

Either at work, at home or out at events, a powerful personality can help you to build great relationships. Ideally, more people want to relate with you and have you in their space. This makes it easy to have a community of people who are ready to go all out for you each time you call. A powerful personality helps you build a community of allies and loyalists who are willing to learn from you and work with you.

Quality experiences:

A person with a powerful personality will enjoy a richness of experiences as they get to relate with more people. This means that they’ll be exposed to the lifestyles and experiences of different people and places, which will largely contribute to their outlook on life. All of these experiences can help form quality building blocks that would make their personality even more powerful.

The privilege of rare opportunities:

When you have a strong personality, it’s easy for people who have met you to remember you all the time. This puts you at an advantage to get rare opportunities when they arise. People will naturally remember you and will be happy to recommend you to take up opportunities, thanks to the depth of your personality and the power it exudes. Also, other powerful individuals would want to connect with you and have you in their circle, which could in turn open you up to rare privileges.

Social wealth:

In the world of social media following, a person with a powerful personality can quickly become popular. More people are likely to follow you across your social media pages, where you can easily wield influence and share opinions. The good thing is, this following can quickly become social wealth for you, especially if you have to sell a book you authored, get votes to win an award, etc. A powerful personality can help you build a community that you can easily bank on to get you into wealth.

Tips for developing a powerful personality

The good thing is, everyone can develop a strong and powerful personality the moment they make up their mind to do so, and begin to consciously work towards it. Ready to discover how you can develop a powerful personality that can help you enjoy all the benefits listed above? These tips will help you.

Develop great communication skills:

Being a great communicator can help you to develop great communication skills. When you show a genuine interest in your conversation with people, they tend to have a high regard for you. Your verbal and non-verbal communication is equally important. Things like your facial expression, the volume of your voice and how you gesture during the conversation can make your personality powerful. For some shy people, this could be challenging but not impossible. Working with a personalized coach can help you to develop your communication skills into a powerful one.

Develop your knowledge and skillset:

Having a growth mindset can significantly improve your chances of developing a powerful personality. When you have a growth mindset, you’ll pursue additional skills and expert knowledge that would essentially contribute to the perception of your personality. Possessing uncommon skills and knowledge makes it easy for people to look up to you and want to be around you. It also enhances your self-confidence which is also key in developing a powerful personality.

Stay warm and kind to others:

A unique trait of people with powerful personalities is that they often treat others warmly and kindly. They are never arrogant because of what they know, the position they occupy or the influence they have on others. So, if your idea of a powerful personality downgrades others, you’re having a wrong perception. To develop a powerful personality, look out for ways to treat people warmly and kindly—make them feel that they matter every time you interact with them.

Stay level-headed:

One thing is common with people with great personalities—they know how to manage difficult situations without reacting out of control. While every situation isn’t always palatable, emotional intelligence helps you to understand how to respond positively in every situation. As much as you can, stay away from conflicts, and always focus on the big-picture you’re working with whenever others stir up conflict for you. This way, you’ll be prioritizing actions that enhance future growth for you and also open you up for great relationships.

Prioritize accountability:

A person who will have a powerful personality must prioritize accountability. Rightly estimate everyone around you to determine who deserves your accountability and stay accountable to them. This helps to build confidence in you and helps you to remain responsible in your interactions with others. Additionally, you’re well aware of the ‘whys’ of each step you take, and gives you the boldness to do what’s necessary and at the right time. In the long run, you’ll be developing authenticity in character that’s important to help you develop a powerful personality.

Be genuine in your interest in others:

As you interact with different people daily, make sure that the time you spend with each person counts. Genuinely engage people to learn about them and what they do. This helps you to build a wealth of experience that contributes to a strong personality. From your interactions with others, you get to gain from their experiences and outlook on life. This helps you to develop a broad perspective that would be useful for you personally and professionally.

Let out the real ‘you’:

In a bid to be ‘seen’ and ‘liked’ many people forget to let out their uniqueness and then begin to struggle to be like others. While you can learn from others, you must not lose your uniqueness by doing everything to become like them. You must be confident in your personality, and let the world see you for who you are. This helps you to develop a sense of confidence and security that others will soon come to admire. Before long, you’d have developed a powerful personality before you even realize it.

Stay comfortable around yourself:

Depending on your personality type, you may find it difficult to be independent of others. Someone who would want to develop a powerful personality must learn to find time away from others and also enjoy it. During those alone moments, you are likely to spend time developing your capacity in different ways. This allows you to engage in focused thinking, which can help you discover ways to create solutions to problems around you. The good thing is—the more of a problem-solver you’re, the more you’re able to develop a powerful personality.

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Becoming a person with a powerful personality can be a game-changer for you. It doesn’t matter where you’re at currently or your temperamental blend, a strong personality is attainable. If you’ve had to face experiences that make it feel impossible, following the tips above can get you there. However, if you feel it’s difficult to do this yourself, you can seek the help of a coach to work with you in developing a strong personality.


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