🌻One Thing Rich People Try to Hide About Their Success No, it is not past failures


Successful people like to joke about their past failures. Their old stories make them relatable. And people love to hear them because it is often inspiring. We want to believe that if they can we can. But life is not that simple. Rich people don’t hide their failures. But the one thing they hide is everything.

False Goals


What would your answer be if I asked what you would do if you had a billion dollars? Not a million — a billion. What do you think life looks like when you have a billion dollars?

You would probably be thinking about the glam life — living the ultimate luxurious life. This is because it is what you see. What you don’t see is what everyday life looks like from that position.

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The rich hide it, not because they want to (or need to), but because it is not in anyone’s interest to share it. The glam life is the consolation.

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The rich life is not comfortable. It doesn’t have the kind of comfort most people think. This is why all those with false goals to be super rich fall short. In the core of their being, they really don’t want it. They like their comfort too much.

The Mystery of Hard Work

People don’t work hard to be rich. You work hard after you become rich. The real work begins after you “made it”. If you think you worked hard before making it, you’d be surprised what comes after.

Most people think immediately they make it, they have reached the point of ultimate relaxation and taking it easy. Nope. It is quite the opposite.

Rich people hide how hard they work

Of course, you don’t see it because of the jets, the supercars, etc. And it is easy to be beguiled by those things. But it gets even more complicated.

You would think that what you call hard work is the same as what the rich calls hard work. Hard work to most regular people is anything that results in physical exhaustion. To the rich, it is quite different.

New Kinds of Pain

Do you know what it feels like to do something perfectly and it all gets ruined by someone else? The richer you become, your success depends more on the excellence of other people than you.

You can work hard and do things well. But now you have to make 2,000 people work hard and do things well. Are you beginning to see the problem?

How do you reproduce 200 people with (at least) 80% of your work ethics? That is the hard work of the rich. It is very uncomfortable. Things break a lot. And there is a potential of 100 things to drive you crazy each day.

If one job is driving you crazy today, think about having 3 companies with a total of 500 employees. And then you have government, taxes, lawsuits, blackmail, etc.

It’s almost certain that you will get something new every day. But the moment you get used to the chaos and adapt, your rich status becomes permanent.

So, when you aim to be rich, prepare to manage chaos on a daily basis.

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The rich hide all the chaos they have to deal with. It is way more crazier than any average person. If you want to be rich, prepare to manage chaos.

I rest my case

Contributed by David O.

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