🌻You Can Live a Happier Life if You Learn to Control These 5 Things


You are in charge of your happiness.

Life is unpredictable.

There are things you have no control over. But some areas of your life fall under your jurisdiction.


Focusing on things outside your control is the recipe for a miserable and stressful life.

But when you pay attention to the matters you can control, it makes life a lot better.

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Here are some things you have ultimate power over.

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Thoughts and Beliefs.

How you see your life is how you live it.

If you believe you are lucky, you will attract opportunities that even more strengthen your theory.

If you focus on negative events in your life, you will create more misery and pain around.

The meaning you give to every event shapes your life.

Positive people live happier and more joyful life than people who worry, stress and have lost hope for the future.

People who expect good fortune receive it.

People who complain about lack will always find more to complain about.

When you take control of your mind, you take control of your life.

Sure, changes won’t happen overnight. But today, you can start changing your mindset from poverty to abundance and reap benefits soon.

Choose to see rejection as a redirection.

When you lose something, think of yourself as being spared.

Discover meaning in pain.

Perceive challenges as stumbling blocks to greatness.

Take responsibility for your thoughts before limiting beliefs start governing your life.

When you manage the direction of your thoughts, you win in life.

Attitude Towards Others.

It is not true that an eye for an eye is the best policy.

Being assertive is a necessary skill. But assertiveness has nothing in common with being rude to others.

It is easy to remain kind towards good-hearted people. But it takes understanding and genuine love for the world to remain compassionate toward the bad guys.

Kindness and compassion for mean people are your strength.

People who are in pain hurt others. Everyone is fighting demons you do not know about.

I used to feel hatred toward an ex-boss of mine. He talked down to me and embarrassed me in front of my colleagues. His behaviour was wrong. But today, I no longer feel hatred. I feel compassion. Apart from being a horrible boss, he was also a human dealing with his insecurities and demons.

**It is our nature to thrive on kindness. **When you look at others with warmth in your eyes and a sincere smile, not only have you the power to make somebody else feel better, you will feel better yourself.

When you choose kindness, the Universe repays. Positive energy will always come back to you magnified.

When you want love in life, choose to give love to others. When you want respect, show it for yourself and others as well.

Choose kindness over the need to be right.

Being kind doesn’t stand for being a push-over. You don’t have to put up with bad treatment, but you don’t have to turn into the bad guy either.

How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.

Paulo Coelho

Your Attitude Toward Yourself.

You have gone through many painful experiences and you condition your view of yourself upon them.

Bad just because uncomfortable things did happen, they do not define you. Your attitude does.

You can choose to see the same experiences as wounds or a chance to grow.

You can blame your parents for neglecting your need for attention or you can say, “I have learnt how valuable love and compassion toward a human being are. My parents taught me that.”

Self-criticism ruins your confidence and makes your life hell. Your internal chatter either sabotages your success or pushes you towards greatness.

Cut out sentences like _I can’t, I am not smart or pretty enough from your vocabulary._

Instead of saying _I am not good enough, start saying I am getting better and better every day._

Your inner dialogue determines how you approach life and how life treats you.

See your past as a source of empowerment.Nobody can make you feel less until you give them the power to do so. Nobody can control your value. Only you can determine how you see and present yourself to the world.

You don’t need acceptance of many. To thrive in life, you only need yours.

The better your self-image gets, the better your life becomes.

Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

Louise L. Hay

How Present You Are.

Reflecting on the past is normal. Living in the past is not.

It is easy to fall prey to an endless cycle of worrying about the future and regretting the past.

The only way to break the loop is to be present in the moment.

You no longer have control over your past. Why spoil the present moment by berating yourself for things that are gone?

What happened did happen. It belongs to the past. You belong to the present.

When you stress about the future, you make your present moment uncomfortable. It is your choice how you spend your NOW. Will you continue to wallow and react with anger? Or will you step into your power and use where you are today?

Become aware of the present moment, your thoughts, and your emotions. But instead of engaging in destructive thinking, become an observer of it.

Detachment from your negative thinking lessens its power over you. And bring back the power to yourself.

Practice mindfulness as many times throughout the day as possible. Set reminders on your phone every hour to practice being present.

When washing the dishes, focus on every movement. Do not rush through mundane activities of everyday life.

When somebody speaks, listen intently.

As you take a walk, leave electronics at home and observe nature, and be mindful of every step you take.

Being present is the best hack to enjoy life to the fullest.

To create an abundant future, focus on the present moment and the choices you get to make today.

Think about it as a form of experiment. For one day, do things slower than usual and notice every detail about them. Notice how you respond to unexpected twists of events. Journal your observations.

The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.

Thích Nhất Hạnh

You have this moment at your disposal. Make the most of it. Don’t waste the present moment. It sets the tone for your tomorrow.

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Your Tribe.

People you choose as your companions through life affect your mindset, performance, and level of your happiness.

You always have control over people that influence the quality of your life.

Since relationships play a crucial role in our lives, we should pick them wisely and invest in partnerships that fuel us with positivity.

We settle for relationships we think we deserve.

We endure criticism because we suck at setting boundaries.

Allowing the negative energy of others into our lives can hijack our sense of self. It infects your mood and outlook on life.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good for being you, appreciate the same things in life, and who motivate you to be better every day.

Stick to people you can share your vulnerabilities with.

Let go of people who make you feel emotionally sapped. Do your best to live life on your terms without them.

Stay away from people who don’t support your dreams and make you doubt yourself.

If you find it hard to cut cords with people, try meditating your way out of the harmful relationship.

_Getting selective _about our tribe is crucial for our well-being. Commit to people who add to your life rather than take away from it.

People inspire you, or they drain you — pick them wisely.

— Hans F. Hansen

It is impossible to control the weather, the stock market, and whether people like you.

Yet, the most important aspects of your life are in your control.

You can choose knowledge over entertainment. You can choose long-term health over temporary pleasure. You can choose positive thoughts over wallowing in sadness. You can choose compassion over judgement.

We always have a choice. Isn’t it an encouraging thought?

Our life is a by-product of micro choices we make moment by moment.

Instead of wasting your precious focus and energy on things you have no power over, invest time and discipline in areas where you are in charge.

Contributed by Katarzyna Portka

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