🌻Do these 6 things every day and you will find it hard to fall short of your dreams


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The economy sucks, people are dicks, and life is hard.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t live the life you really want.

1. Remind yourself frequently of where you want to go.

Many commit themselves to things they think they ‘should’ do but then burn out because it doesn’t allow for growth or expression in the long run.

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Often the more ‘outlandish’ a goal the better because so few normies are focused here, and it’s more exciting for you.

Focus on what you would love to make happen, expect it to be occasionally hard, and keep an eye on this vision daily.

I often re-write my goals daily to maintain my vision in my head.

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2. Stay with ONE thing and stop stopping.

As you embark on your journey, you’ll see many people quitting and falling off to the side. Not you.

It’s never been easier to find excuses to try something new, shiny, and different.

Stay with the thing you chose, evolving or pivoting if it’s a must, but maintain momentum in less at the very least.

3. Use feedback to continually tweak, adapt and improve.

Those who go far are acutely aware of how their work is being received objectively.

Share what you create and then gather the data.

Adapt the process to what works. All is uncertain, but the results speak loudly. So take note of the things that are working for you.

This is the gold. Do more of what works, and you will have the closest thing you will get to a shortcut.

4. Exercise your brainstorming muscle.

Very little in your life and process does not benefit from sitting down for ten minutes and writing or sketching solutions to particular problems.

Ask yourself: ‘What’s one thing I can do to simplify my system today?’

Then brainstorm a list of potential solutions. Excavating in the deeper tunnels of your mind here will bring you gems others can’t access.

These insights will accelerate your progress.

5. Refer to mentors.

Many people have done what you dream of doing, even if it’s in bits and pieces.

All of these people have something to teach us.

Their lessons could save you months or even years of mistakes you needn’t make.

Find and speak to someone who’s done what you want to do and extract their insights. Courses and books are another opportunity to access virtual mentors.

Use them and apply if it serves.

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6. Take note of and delete energy drains.

Maintaining good energy to support you as you work on your dreams is underestimated.

There are often things we do or experience day to day that drain our energy. A lot of it can go on unchecked.

This is why taking a regular energy audit and identifying the crap holding you back is helpful.

Consistently dropping energy drains like stressful people or bad habits will keep yours high.

Contributed by Alex Mathers

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