🌻7 Truths That Make Life So Much Easier Once You Accept Them


Are you ready for a change?

What do you think makes for an easy life?

Sunbathing by the pool, lack of responsibilities or exercising control in every aspect of life?


If you think along those lines, you might be in for a tremendous disappointment.

Here are some truths that, when accepted, will make your life easier:

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Your health is your wealth.

Society trained us that with possessions comes wealth. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sure, when you have money, you have opportunities. But those possibilities mean nothing when your health falls short.

Your physical body is a vehicle allowing you to move around. Yet, nowadays, people pay more attention to their cars and possessions than their bodies.

Without your body, you are stuck. When you are healthy, the world opens up before you.

Your body is a temple. It protects your fragile organs and your beating heart. Your body gives you the strength to carry on.

Your body is a messenger. It communicates with you through feelings, discomfort, tight stomach or pain. Learning to listen to its signals is one of the best life hacks.

Taking care of your body is not a luxury but a necessity.

Eat food that makes you feel nourished, not the one that drains your energy.

Move your body in a way that brings you joy, not because everyone is doing it. Rest when you need to.

Make your health a priority. As a response, your body will graciously carry you through this journey called life.

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An unbothered mind is a happy mind.

We think that by controlling every aspect of our lives, it will get easier. The opposite is true.

Control gives you nightmares, sweaty palms and unreasonable expectations. Your body is a messenger.

Most things in life are out of your control. Yet, your reactions to the world fall under your jurisdiction.

You cannot control the news on the TV, but you can choose how you respond to them or whether you consume it.

You cannot control the weather, but you can__choose how you respond to the storm around you.

Every morning I get to choose whether to be mad at circumstances out of my control or let go of my anger and channel the energy into being more productive.

We suffer because we pay too much attention to external circumstances instead of tending to our inner states. Such a conditional life makes for a limited and miserable one.

Desiring control causes misery. Your body is a messenger, learn how to surrender.**

But when you accept surrender as the ultimate path to freedom, the external world stops bothering you.

Let go of controlling life. Control your mind.

Instead of trying to manipulate people and events, focus on your state of mind and make space for unconditional happiness.

Your plans fell through? Perfect. See what else might come up.

Are you stuck in traffic? You have been blessed with time. Meditate. Observe your reactions. Make a phone call you have been putting off.

Try this Your body is a messenger and surrender to everything that life offers.

Say ‘yes’ to life and every opportunity it brings. When you surrender, you thrive.

Follow what turns you on.

Travelling the beaten path is boring. Forging your own is scary. Yet, extremely rewarding.

There is no one definition of success and it is what makes it achievable for everyone.

For some being successful means owning a mansion and spending every weekend on a yacht. Still, some people consider themselves successful and own very little.

Happiness comes in many forms but it always boils down to following your heart.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

— Maya Angelou

Do not allow others to define what happiness stands for. Find your own path and pursue it. When you are at the crossroad, ask yourself:

Am I excited about this idea?

If you are not over the moon about it, it isn’t the right path.

Society programmed us to believe that being different is bad.

Diversity is what makes this world a beautiful place. Look around, nature thrives on diversity. Without it, life would be boring. Everyone would look the same, wear the same clothes, and listen to one genre of music.

Be different. Your body is a messenger.

Celebrate the unexpected.

The best way to get good at challenges, is to embrace them.

There is nothing wrong with being scared of trying new things. Acknowledging the fear is a crucial step toward overcoming it.

Once you recognize the scary scenarios playing out in your mind, you see how irrational they are. As a result, they lose their power over your actions.

We need changes in life to make progress. Yet, we avoid them at any cost.

But when we approach surprising twists of events as opportunities to learn a new skill, we become comfortable with changes.

To fall in love with life, see it as an adventure.

To uncover that bold side within you, embrace uncomfortable and new experiences. Even better, meet them halfway and create them yourself.

Approach each day through the lens of curiosity. When something unexpected happens, do not fight the new experience. Get excited about it and go with the flow life presents you.

Experiment with daily activities, cooking, painting, and photography. Try out new workouts routine. Travel to new places. Take new routes on your daily walk.

From now on, whenever something unexpected happens, instead of fearing and fighting against it, celebrate it.

Discover the beauty in the unplanned.

Solitude makes you a better human.

Many people cringe at the thought of dining or spending the evening alone.

Society and social media glamorize overblown parties and crowds. Quantity became more desirable than quality.

Yet, I have discovered that feeling comfortable alone makes my life easier.

Solitude strengthens your intuition and self-awareness. Knowing yourself and what you want helps you make better choices.

Time alone is necessary for our brains to unwind and recharge. Removing as many distractions as possible allows you to get more work done.

Do you fear spending time alone? Good. Uncomfortable situations are the best opportunities for getting to know yourself better.

What emotions stir up inside?

What thoughts spring to your mind?

What are your biggest fears at the moment?

If a table for one is way outside your comfort zone, it is definitely something you want to try. Every time you step outside your comfort zone, your confidence rises.

As you do not condition your good feeling upon the presence of people in your life, you soar.

When your life is tumbling down, something new is coming.

Roadblocks appear for a reason. They make us wiser, stronger and better oriented.

Just because things do not go the way you have planned, it doesn’t mean they are not working for your highest good.

Our logical minds are limited. Universe plans are not.

Every roadblock is a redirection to something better. The most challenging seasons of our lives make for monumental awakenings. Tough times are here to push you toward greatness.

You cannot get good at life by avoiding obstacles. Not trying will get you nowhere special. You have to start, stumble, fail and start over again.

You have lost your job so that you can finally start the business you always dreamt about. Now you have nothing to lose.

People leave so that new energy can enter your life. Loss is a part of growth.

To build a new life, the old one has to fall apart.

Don’t cling to your dead life. Allow for the natural flow of things. Changes are necessary.

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We thrive when we give.

Serving others help you find the meaning of life.

Giving doesn’t have to be about material possessions. You can give your attention or your kind words. You can share your knowledge through a personal blog or YouTube channel.

When you share your time, energy and knowledge with others, your brain releases dopamine — the marvellous ‘happiness drug‘.

When you feel good, you make better choices.

Generosity triggers the feeling of gratitude. And gratitude is the primal form of receivership. Selfless deeds release stagnant energy from your body and invite prosperity into your life.

Serving others can mean seeing them with compassion.

If someone is having a bad day, do not be quick to deal out judgement. Understand that there is a reason behind their behaviour — usually pain. Wish them well and move on.

To be compassionate does not mean taking action or fixing others’ problems but giving them full attention: I see you. I understand you are going through rough times. I am here if you need me.

Giving is the embodiment of joy in your life. When you are not afraid to give, you tap into the abundance mindset, meaning you don’t see lack but opportunities.

Kindness, love, and a sincere smile do not cost a thing but can mean the world to somebody else.

Contributed by Katarzyna Portka

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