🌻How To Achieve 10x More In 1 Month Than Most People Do in 12 Months


Most people live their life on autopilot. And not the good Tesla kind either.

You wake up.

Hit snooze 4 times. Doom scroll on social media. Fall out of bed. Make coffee. Sit in traffic. Do 7–8 hours of unfulfilling work. Rush to get back into traffic. Eat sh*t food. Argue with people. Watch mindless TV. Pass out.


Repeat for 40 + years. Retire. Die. Congrats.

There’s no sense of purpose, impact, or creativity in your life.

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This reality should scare the sh*t out of you. It terrifies me. Yet this is how 90% of the world lives. Most people are dead by 30 but aren’t buried till 80.

Are you one of them?

Don’t become another walking zombie waiting to be put six feet under. We have enough of those already.

This is a guide to how you get yourself out of this death spiral and change your life in 30 days. It won’t be easy, but here’s a way out if you want it.

Hard choices, easy life

Easy choices, hard life.

Jerzy Gregorich

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Be prepared to channel your_ ‘main character’ _energy.

I was a big fan of Runescape growing up.

Nothing got me harder than playing in a fictional 2D world.

I spent hours building up this virtual character. I had a vision of what skills they would have. What profession they would specialize in, and the clan they would eventually join.

Treat your life like a game you can win. Strip back everything else. Remove the emotion from it. Remove your personality. Stop blocking yourself. Get out of your own way.

But how many people use this logic to design their own life?

Instead, ask yourself:

  • What purpose do I want my character (you) to have in life?
  • What skills do I want them to learn?
  • Who do I want to associate with?

Once you have tentative answers, execute them.

You only need to be directionally correct to make progress. From there, you can always iterate later on your mistakes.

This might sound crazy, but externalizing a fictional character that represents you will help you remove limiting beliefs and stories you’ve repeated for decades.

Be prepared to brainwash yourself.

Think big for your character.

But be humble enough to start small.

Without belief, you’ll never take action.

Without action, you’ll never make that belief a reality.

You need both to make any changes in your life.

Always bias yourself towards action. It’s those daily 1% actions, not those big sexy leaps, that make the most difference.

Be prepared to ruthlessly disappoint people.

If it’s not a do-or-die obligation, cut it.

Hanging out? Can’t make it.

Dating? Nope.

Any activity that doesn’t move you toward your dream, minimize it, or get rid of it completely.

I don’t schedule hangouts often, and don’t have time to just get ‘coffee’. If I am running behind on my work, I’ll cancel plans. I protect my time and prioritize my goals.

It sounds hardcore, but working on my goals makes me a better person to be around. When I can achieve my priorities, I can help others achieve theirs. I can help others with an empty cup.

Self-sacrifice wins you no favors. You only attract people who want to extract from you.

I would rather disappoint others than disappoint myself.

Sometimes you have to ‘die’ to others in order for your dreams to live.

Be prepared to cut people out of your life.

If you have to filter yourself or lower yourself to someone’s level just to fit in, cut them out.

No one should make you feel bad or guilty about what you’re trying to achieve.

I had a group of friends who would constantly belittle my achievements. They would tease it, make jokes about it, and generally undermine it.

I am all for good-quality banter. But after a while, I felt a sinister edge to their comments and a deeper meaning from the looks they would share while I was talking.

The ‘banter’ was never accompanied by a congratulations message.

I felt guilty and ashamed at first. Maybe I was being too self-promotional? But this was a close group of friends I had grown up with. After a while, I thought f*ck them.

I stopped sharing. I rarely tell them anything now. Be careful who you share your wins with. Not everyone is supportive, and many feel that your ‘wins’ take away from their ‘wins’ (which it doesn’t).

I don’t care how long they’ve been in your life. The length of a relationship doesn’t determine its quality.

You already have an uphill battle to climb, you don’t need to carry the weight of negative people around you.

I have little patience for people who are negative, pessimistic, or unsupportive of what I want to achieve.

Let go of them, or be prepared to be dragged down by them.

Be prepared to love the boring.

Consistency is the #1 factor that will separate you from others.

I’ve had more talented friends who come onto Medium and leave within 6 months. They saw what I was doing and wanted to replicate it.

But the achievements they saw were the tip of the iceberg.

What they didn’t see below the surface was:

  • Networking with other writers.
  • Writing 10 headlines every day.
  • Reading books for 2–3 hours per day.
  • Battling self-doubt and imposter syndrome.
  • Constantly brainstorming article ideas in Trello.
  • 5:00 am wakeups to get an hour of writing in every day.

They focused so much on the achievements, they forgot about the transformation you have to go through to become a four-figure writer.

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If you can’t do the boring, don’t ever expect to achieve the exciting.

Okay, Michael. Tell me what I need to do:

  • Most people are not intentional.
  • Most people never work on their mindset.
  • Most people are not consistent with their execution.
  • Most people are not self-aware of their environment.
  • Most people don’t design their lives according to their values.

By doing these things you can make more progress in 30 days than most people will make in a full year.

People overestimate what they can do in a day, but underestimate what they can do in a year.

Good luck.

Contributed by Michael Lim y

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