🌻What Is Overthinking and How To Overcome It


Meaning of overthinking

What is overthinking and how to stop it

Thinking is a normal process that mostly goes on subconsciously in your mind. However, when you think about something for too long and get into it too deeply, you’re overthinking.


Going round and round and reaching nowhere is a scary thought for anyone, but for an overthinker, it’s normal.

From minor things to important decisions, overthinkers go overboard with thoughts and get stuck. Consequently, their creativity and decision-making suffer, and they experience heightened stress.

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When overthinking becomes a problem, it must be addressed

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Here’s how you can deal with overthinking:

Put a deadline on whatever you do
Don’t dwell on the past
Stop worrying about what’s not in your control
Forgive yourself for your mistakes
Practice mindfulness

In Conclusion

Overthinking can be mentally exhausting. So stop getting too deep into your head. Stay in the moment, focus on what’s meaningful, and live a happy life.

Contributed by Dr Roopleen

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