🌻6 People You Will Need In Your Life.


Life is a gift given to those worthy enough to receive it. No one asked to be here. Nobody got a special permit before coming into this world. We all walked in strangers, alien to this new environment at the mercy of our parents and those we call family.

As time flew by, we began to explore. We met people, made memories together and formed connections; some for life and others for a night. Creating room for the ones who would mould us into the people we are today.


Throughout our lives, we interact with a diverse range of individuals, each from different backgrounds, playing pivotal roles in making our little time on this planet worthwhile. Although the list may be tall, all the people we will ever come across may be classified into 6 basic categories, each unique in their own ways but together work hand-in-hand to bring forth the best of our capabilities. So here they are, six people everyone will need in their lifetime.

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The Companion.

Everybody has somebody out there. We all need that one person to call ‘Ours’. That special somebody we can go to at the end of a bad day. That one person who lifts our spirits at the mere mention of their name. Your cheerleader. The person in whose eyes you feel safe and whose smile promises you a better tomorrow although yesterday was dull and today bleak. This person is your companion.

Some people meet theirs early on in life, others not so much but one thing is for sure, once you find this person, it will feel like perfect pieces of lego clicking into place and that’s how you’ll know that this person is indeed the one.

The Monk.

Discipline is a virtue many struggle to tame but once you’ve gained mastery over it, you’ve gained mastery over all things. Only a few get to truly understand this concept and such people are monks. Individuals who live their lives with the principle that self-control, consistency and patience will get them to their destination.

Everyone needs to meet at least one monk in their lifetime. Someone to keep you disciplined and out of trouble. Your moral compass. This can be someone you know in person or online, they all have the same effect on our lifestyle.

The Rival.

Striving to be the best is the hallmark of the great but such a mark can only be induced by a catalyst, an external factor. One that brings in the spirit of competition, causing you to push yourself beyond your limits. This is your rival.

The rival is someone to keep you on your toes, constantly changing and evolving. This person is there to push you against the wall in an attempt to be better than you in every regard, but their efforts only make you stronger. You rival could be anyone from your co-worker to your partner to your sibling. It doesn’t have to be a person you dislike so long as your interaction leaves you better than you were before.

The Daredevil.

You Only Live Once. Most of us forget this while working for a better tomorrow but where’s the fun in working for something you’ll never stop to enjoy? Human needs are insatiable. You’ll never be able to satisfy your thirst for success so you’ve got to pause and line in the now and that’s what your daredevil is there for.

This person will remind you to live life on the edge. Life is short so enjoy it while it lasts. Take some time to try new things, travel to new places and get new experiences and hopefully there will be no regrets once you are on your deathbed about to take your final breath.

The Realist.

Most of the time, this person will be seen as a pessimist since reality is underwhelming in comparison to our expectations. A realist is someone with a clear head and a clear sense of judgement.

They see things for what they truly are; black for black and white for white. If they see that you are in a situation that is detrimental to your well-being, they’ll let you know straight to your face with little to no room for sugarcoating. They might bruise your ego but in the end, heal your reputation.

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The Teacher.

The road to success is usually a lonely one. There will be numerous roadblocks and instances where we may be inclined to give into the voices in our heads telling us to quit and turn back but that’s why we have our teachers. They go by many names; Mentors, Coaches or Parents. These are people who have touched the success we work day in and out for and as such, know how difficult the journey can be.

They motivate, inspire, enlighten and teach us the tricks of the trade while helping us steer clear of the mistakes they made in order to make our transition seamless. Keep such peop le close to heart so that one day, you’ll also become the teacher someone desperately needs.

Contributed by Emmanuel Cobbinah

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