🌻6 (Simple) Strategies My Mother Used Daily to Maintain Her Ideal Weight for Two Decades Easily


Genes can only take you so far when it comes to weight management.

My mother is a living example of the wonderful Asian metabolism.
She has birthed three devil’s spawns and yet she has maintained the same weight for two decades.


She is a petite 5-foot-tall woman who has maintained her weight at a perfect 120 pounds for more than twenty years.

She handles weight fluctuations like a pro, but it gets difficult with age.
At 45 it takes her twice the time to lose the extra pound, but she manages to get it off every time.

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Here is the daily healthy routine that helps her manage weight effectively.

1. Walk your way to a healthy weight

My mother is a supermom to three useless adult children. She is always busy putting out fires started by me or my siblings.

Yet she manages to find time to take two walks daily. My mother has made it her life goal to walk 10,000+ steps daily.

Walking is her therapy, it is her way to relax after a long day. She walks everywhere to increase her daily step count.

Walking helps her clear her mind and it relieves her sore back after long bouts of sitting. It’s both a physical and mental exercise for her.

Walking is the easiest exercise you can add to your daily routine to manage weight effectively and decrease your chances of dementia by 50%.

It’s cost-effective cardio that can help you keep your heart rate up and weight down. So, make walking a regular part of your routine.

Weight management will become fun and easy with a regular walking schedule.

¥2. A consistent exercise routine is a must

My mum developed lower back issues a few years back. She is forbidden from lifting heavy weights as it can lead to severe back spasms.

Back stiffness is another reason that causes back pain, her doctor advised daily exercise to keep her back flexible and limber.

She was my first client as a yoga instructor two years ago, and she has kept her daily yoga routine to this day.

She practices a 20-minute yoga flow daily. It helps her keep her joints strong, back limber, and bones healthy.

20 minutes of exercise might sound unimpressive but it’s ample when you do it daily. Consistent practice accelerates your learning and helps you level up quickly.

140 minutes of moderate exercise every week plus an insane amount of daily steps is enough exercise to keep you young and healthy forever.

3. Precaution is better than cure

No one in my mom’s family has diabetes, so it came as a shock when she tested pre-diabetic last year.

My mother became pre-diabetic after she got Covid and now we know that the Omicoron variant increases the risk of diabetes.

My mom decided to get a handle on the situation before it got too out of control. She tweaked her diet and increased her walking time to boost her already healthy lifestyle.

She gave up sweets and excess sugar and increased her physical activity to lower her sugar levels.

But the main thing that controlled her sugar levels from climbing higher was a bitter green juice that she drank every morning.

Bitter gourd has been proven to improve sugar levels, so my mother drank a smelly concoction made with this vegetable daily. True to its name, it tasted awful.

But she drank it daily until she finally reversed her pre-diabetic diagnosis. Preservation and self-control were her secret weapon to beating a deadly chronic disease.

4. The best snack for weight loss

One snack that my mum eats daily is a plateful of delicious fruits and vegetables.

My mom takes “eat a rainbow daily” a little too seriously. She makes sure to eat at least four different colored fruits and vegetables daily.

Eating a rainbow daily can help you improve your gut health which boosts your digestive health and mental health.

Also, my mom battles chronic constipation, so it’s important for her to get a sufficient amount of fiber daily.

Fruits keep you full for longer and they have more nutrition than calories. So, make fruits and vegetables your daily midday snack for better weight management.

5. Don’t forget to take care of your mental health

My mom has been meditating for almost a decade now. She meditates daily for at least twenty minutes. She does two meditation sessions a day, one in the morning and one before sleeping.

She deals with stress by practicing breathwork and exercise. She believes in treating herself but only in moderation.

She has a dangerous sweet tooth but she has learned to control her cravings to manage her blood sugar better.

Meditations help her keep a clear mind that improves her decision-making and self-control.

Science doesn’t yet know if meditation can help you manage weight, but there are a few studies that found that meditation can help you avoid binge eating and emotional eating.

6. An early dinner is the key to weight management

My mother has been practicing intermittent fasting before it became hot. She takes her last meal of the day at seven and then proceeds to fast till 9 am every morning.

A 14-hour fast is a child’s play for someone who has done a 7-day water fast. Yes, she has gone a week without food.

Fasting is very popular in Jainism. It’s promoted for better self-control and purification.

Intermittent fasting has been a part of her lifestyle forever. She has made it a rule to have an early dinner as it aids her digestive system greatly.

According to this study, intermittent fasting can protect you from the two most dangerous chronic diseases — Diabetes and Heart disease.
It can also lower oxidative stress which is a biomarker for longevity.

So, practicing intermittent fasting can help you improve your healthspan and boost longevity.

Start with a 12-hour fast daily and once you are comfortable with it then proceed onto a 14-hour fast.

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A healthy lifestyle will improve your health span and help you manage weight effectively.

These 6 easy habits are proven to accelerate weight loss and improve overall health. My mother can help you live a long healthy life with these easy habits.

Small habits followed consistently will help you manage weight easily and effectively.

Contributed by Khyati Jain

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