🌻3 Top Habits of Millionaires You Should Adopt(MUST READ)


People who have things you don’t have, do things you don’t do.

Wealthy people spend their time differently than poor people do.


They do different things. Make different choices.

And you can learn from that.

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Here are 3 habits every millionaire I know has in common.

1. Health is a priority #1

It’s really hard to do anything without good health.

Poor health means no energy to invest in business or relationships.

It means you’re spending a lot of time laying around or spending a lot money trying to feel better.

Easier to just take care of your body and mind before it’s an issue.

Keep it simple: Sleep well. Eat well. Move a lot.

2. They plan their time

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Quarterly. Yearly. 5 year. 10 year.

There’s a plan for everything.

They’re not just rolling out of bed after hitting snooze and winging their day.

They get up with purpose. They have their plan laid out. They execute.

Easiest way to do this? Build routines.

If you know what you should be doing and when it gets a little easier to execute.

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3. Create 10x more than they consume

Most people are consumers.

They’re watching TV, they’re reading magazines, they’re scrolling social media, they’re glued to the news.

90% of their day is spent in consumption mode. Maybe 100%.

On the flip side, our millionaires are creating things. The things everyone else is consuming.

If you want to move into the upper echelon, start creating things.

The easiest? Content.

Start building content based around what you know and what problems you’ve solved.

Contributed by Cait Mack

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