🌻7 Extremely Difficult Decisions That Transformed My Life(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


A vulnerable piece.

My younger self had no idea about concepts like personal development or self-improvement.


But my overweight and low self-esteem self always tried hard to get better in general. Not in studies, not in sports.

From inside, perhaps?

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Now, I understand that maybe I was meant to go through everything I did early on to share my experiences with others and help them.

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Here are nine decisions that were terrifying to think of, extremely hard to pursue, and drastically changed my life.

1. Battling Obesity

Every summer holiday, I’d return to my boarding school and ask my dormitory’s matron for a larger skirt. By the time I was in twelfth grade, I actually started feeling fat. At 85 kgs, I had my tummy protruding out, a flabby back, and huge love handles.

It didn’t feel good.

Also, my gynaecologist told me that the hormonal issues I’ve had due to weight gain since I was 12 will only increase in the future.

So when I joined college, I started working out. But I’m still a foodie, so I didn’t go on a diet. I just eliminated junk and moderated my intake of stuff I didn’t want to leave, like chocolate and eating out.

I missed a lot of parties. I was that person who was too attached to their routine and didn’t want to bend it for anything.

Losing weight and getting fit helped me get a healthier body and boosted my confidence. It’s the reason I can’t have my mornings without working out, even today.

While waking up at 6 am and attending an entire day of uni thereafter and finding healthy alternatives to outside food sucked — I’m glad I did it.

2. Discovering and Working on These Magical Concepts

I discovered the two magic pills to change your life only two years ago:

belief systems
abundance mindset
Work on the two, and you’ll be an invincible force.

I discovered that I have negative belief systems where I felt life is at it is, and there’s not much I can do. I never bothered looking out of the box because I felt it was undoable.

Until I recognised negative patterns and changed my self-talk.

If your inner chatter is negative, how can you do something amazing outside?

Same with an abundance mindset — there is enough for all of us to thrive and be successful in. With this mentality, you work to get rid of fears and insecurity.

These two helped me discover my purpose and commit to my actions to pursue it.

“Why are you so enchanted by this world, when a mine of gold lies within you?” — Rumi

3. Quitting my Job

It’s hands down the best decision I’ve ever made.

I cannot even think of going back to a traditional 9–5 and having somebody else decide how much I get paid and govern my increments.

My standard of living has improved. I’m happier, have more time, and earn better.

I’ve had my lows and challenges, but I’m only 14 months old into this lifestyle, so I’m still learning and embracing them.

  1. Going on a Date That Changed My Life

I went on a date even though I had a closed mindset towards being in a relationship at that time. But when I saw him, I knew I had to meet him no matter what.

It was such a strong feeling.

Within 10 days of meeting him, again, I knew in my gut (or my heart?) that he was the one.

But I didn’t want to sound stupid saying that.

Later on, I got to know he felt that on the day we first met.

Both of us don’t know why our inner voice was so intense about each other. There was zero doubt — it’s like you see something, and you know it’s yours and is meant to be. There’s no other way about it.

With time, he became my calming force and my closest friend.

We got engaged at the beginning of this year.

5. Forgiving My Past

It’s messy to come from a household with separated parents. It leads to a part of you being affected deep in your subconsciousness.

Even today, it’s the part that pops up, but I’m not ready to talk to it. So I put it back in. I know that one day I’ll have to….but until that day, I still plan to run away from it.

One improvement, however, is to forgive everyone who’s hurt me directly or indirectly — family, friends, and others.

I want to be free of blaming and resentment.

It’s a waste of my time.

Thinking of this gives me peace and makes me feel that I have more control over my life and can shape it how I want to.

6. Writing Online

I wrote a fitness blog at 18 to share my weight-loss secrets. Today, I write online to share all my secrets about anything that benefits me.

If I win, I want to show you how. When I lose, I want to tell you how to avoid it.

It changed my life forever.

It gave me a

medium to be of service
a business that I’m proud of
“Giving is the secret of abundance.” — Sivananda

It’s also something I enjoy doing so much, so I’m grateful every day that I get to do it for a living. There’s not a single day I haven’t written about it in my gratitude journal.

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7. Practicing the Power of Love

I know it sounds flowery, but give me a minute.

First, let’s talk about the power of negativity.

You look at a friend having fun; you feel jealous. You think how you’re not as good. All that’s missing in your life.

That’s a terrible way to live, you know?

Instead, what if you use the power of love everywhere — starting with yourself? Give yourself love via affirmations and become an energy of love to spread it everywhere else.

How can you love someone else when your own cup is empty? This is why so many relationships are hollow.

Love starts from you, and only then can it reach others.

When you do that, people around you will feel it. Sometimes, my course students tell me they joined because of the ‘vibe’ they felt in my content.

Love travels without bounds.

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”- Oscar Wilde

I hope you take away some of this and include it in your own lifestyle.

It’s powerful, I promise.

Contributed by Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

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