🌻5 Decisions Every Day That Can Change Your Life’s Trajectory(I REALLY LIKE THIS ARTICLE)


There are a multitude of decisions we make every day. Some small, some big. Regardless of the magnitude of those decisions, every single one shapes us in one way or another.

However, some decisions just matter more than others over the course of a day.


Getting these decisions right consistently over a period of time can really change you as a person.

Over a day or two, these might not look too significant. However, over the span of a few months or years, they will stack and you will see some incredibly meaningful positive changes in your life.

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Now, let’s look at these 5 decisions that can truly change the trajectory of your life.

What Do You Do After Waking Up?

The early hours of the morning after you wake up can be incredibly important. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

It’s incredible how so many of us get on our phones the first thing after waking up. We are more concerned about how other people are getting on with their lives than get started on our own.

It does not do us any good.

Instead, keep your phone on your nightstand the first few hours of the morning. Make the morning your own. Do something to better yourself as a person.

It will vary from person to person. For some it might be reading a book while for others it might be going out for a run. Whatever it is, the idea is that do something that will benefit you in the long run.

Above all, don’t look for your phone in the morning. Own the morning hours and make them your own. The phone and the rest of the world can wait.

Home Cooked Food or Eating Out?

I feel personally connected to this more than any other decisions in this post.

I experienced both the answers to this question. I lived most of my life eating out more often than not. However, the last few years I have been having home cooked meals predominantly. I can easily tell the difference.

Having home cooked meals makes one hell of a difference.

When you cook at home, instead of eating out, you are in charge of your food. You know what went into the food. You can make it as nutritious as you want to.

You control the spices. You control the amount of oil. You control the vegetables you put in. Most importantly, you control all the ingredients that go in.

The purpose of food is to fuel your body. As a result, it’s critically important what you put into the body. That will determine how you feel during the whole day.

It’s very easy to order takeout or just eat out giving the excuse of being busy. However, if you meal prep ahead of time, or learn some very quick healthy recipes, it will take you way less time to eat at home than eating out.

There’s also the added bonus of saving a ton of money. Having home cooked meals is always cheaper than eating out or ordering food.

Do You Go Out For A Walk or Run?

Movement is key to our well being as human beings.

Human beings were designed to move around a lot. Our ancestors were very used to walking for an entire day and even running away from dangerous wild animals.

However, nowadays we lead a very sedentary lifestyle. Most of us are glued to our office chairs, working on a computer all day.

It gives us very bad postures. Even worse, it destroys our health.

A 15 minute brisk walk, or even better, a short sprint during any time of the day can help fix this.

You literally don’t need 1 hour or even 30 minutes to dedicate to this.

Just give it 15 minutes. That’s all you need.

At any time during the day, whenever your schedule permits, give yourself 15 minutes to go out for a run or walk.

Not only will this improve your physical health, but it will also give you a ton of mental clarity.

For the maximum benefit, do this outside instead of a treadmill.

Walking or running also releases endorphins in your body, which will improve your overall mood and happiness.

All these and more in exchange for 15 minutes. That’s one hell of a deal!

How do you spend your evening?

For most of us, evenings are usually for chilling.

We usually put on some movie, play some games, go out with friends or do some other activity that we love doing.

That’s awesome! There’s nothing wrong with that.

After a hard day of working, we deserve that!

However, you still want to be mindful. You don’t want to do anything that’s bad for your health and well being.

Instead of being too sedentary the whole evening, move around a bit. Go out for a walk with friends and family. Go workout together. Do something that does not involve you sitting or lying down the rest of the evening.

Even better, dedicate a small proportion of your evening to something that will help develop you as a person. Read a book for a bit. Take a few lessons from an online course.

The point is, do something in the evening that your future self will thank you for.

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What do you do before falling asleep?

Sleep is essential to our well being.

We all should get 6–8 hours of sleep every night.

Most of us know that.

However, what’s even more important is how we are setting ourselves up for the sleep ahead.

Many of us these days go to sleep while having our TVs turned on, watching some YouTube videos, or even worse, watching TikTok.

This can be detrimental to our health.

The blue light from any screens can be harmful. It affects our sleep. It also affects our circadian rhythm.

To get the best sleep, design your own bedtime routine.

I would recommend turning off all screens 2 hours before bedtime. Do something that’s not staring at a screen.

Maybe talk to a friend over the phone. Or read a book. Or just spend some quality time with your friends and family in person.

Whatever it is, stay away from all screens.

This will help your body slowly unwind and get ready for bed.

That will also result in some quality sleep and you will wake up the next morning refreshed, ready to take on the world.

There you go. That’s the 5 decisions that can change the trajectory of your life, if you consistently do well.

You won’t see immediate success.

However, over time, I promise you will see a meaningful difference and your perspective on life will start to change.

If you read it up to this point, THANK YOU! I really hope you got some value out of it.

Contributed by Irtiza Hafiz

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