🌻8 innocent behaviours that age you twice as fast(MUST READ)


I don’t know about you, but I love life enough to want to experience it for as long as possible.

What do we do that ages us in mind and body?


Here are my thoughts:

Ruminating on shit you regret.

There’s no more efficient waste of your time than sitting up in bed at 3am in the morning in a sweat, thinking about the time you said that weird thing and Shirley looked at you funny.

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We’re all human, and we all do silly, dumb stuff. Regretting anything is never time well spent because you can’t change what happened.

You need to find within yourself the capacity to quickly move on from your stumbles and your perceived losses.

Letting go is a muscle, and you get better with practice.

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Whining like a teenager.

Whining is to resist reality, and resistance is physical stress. When we decide to whine about something we don’t like, we’re choosing to weaken ourselves physically.

Do this day after day after day, and guess what?…

A high consumption to creation ratio.

We’re all united on this Earth by a common, enlivening pursuit: to create things.

Whether it’s a piece of art, a book, a family, a cooked meal or a baby, this is what it’s all about.

So when we consume more than we create, this is the message we broadcast: I’m denying my humanity.

I’m closed to my alive expression, my birthright.

Ever noticed how some of the most prolific creators live so long?

So quit sulking, get off your arse, relocate your creative spirit, and do it with a ferocity that inspires your neighbour.

Skipping your daily walk.

Beyond documented records of some of the coolest, most inspiring people who walked regularly, you know how good walking is for you.

The physical and mental benefits are vast and far-reaching. Walk more to feel better today, be more creative, and to live longer.

Criticizing others.

Criticising other people harshly might feel empowering and satisfying. But you’re the one losing in the long run.

We’re essentially blocking off our deeper understanding of how connected we all are when we criticise.

We’re all one, and this isn’t an understatement.

If we act like an island, we’re killing ourselves in mind and spirit.

Criticisers die young.

Eating leaves.

Stop eating leaves.

Ok, eat what you like; I’m not here to tell you what to do.

But, enough studies have now been done that show us plants are sabotaging your health, not giving you health. For example, plants lack 15+ vital nutrients that are contained in animal foods.

We’re also learning that plants contain a range of anti-nutrients that screw with your gut and restrict absorption of the minerals you think you’re getting chomping on kale.

You feel so good on the vegan diet because your body is eating through all that carby sludge you’ve piled on over the years.

Look into it. Live longer by cutting out salads.

You’re not a panda.

Acting like you have something to lose.

This may come as a surprise to many of you.

But you’re putting yourself at a considerable disadvantage by being protective of your perceived self-worth.

There is no ‘self.’ It’s an idea you made up. Yes, protect your family and your property, but you will lose years trying to preserve the idea of who you are.

Drop the protected image you have of you, and you literally become immortal.

This is what it really means to drink from the fountain of youth.

Judging without follow-through.

Many talk about how we should never judge and just float through life like we’re a politically-correct hybrid of the Pope, Gandhi and Jesus.

Judging is important. How else can we act on problems without judging them as problems in the first place?

However, the issue is this: we judge and criticise, and we resist, but we do nothing with that. We offer no solutions, and we stay sitting on our big butts.

This qualifies you for fast-track entry into the ‘Asshole Hall of Fame’ and will age you.

Judge less, or be persistent in finding creative solutions to your challenges. Long lives are rewarded to those who don’t give up.

Finally, know this:

Ageing is primarily mind-driven — meaning we can have the best diet in the world and never touch a cigarette…

But if we continually ruminate and play complaint gymnastics in our thoughts, we’re limiting ourselves, and our health will suffer.

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Be light.

Don’t take it all so seriously.

We’re all in this shit together.

Find the love you know is there for your fellow man.

Let’s live long and well together.

Contributed by Alex Mathers

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