🌻The 5 Places You Should NOT Waste your Time and Energy(WHAT YOU NEED NOW)


You are worth much more than that.

“Do you love life? So don’t waste your time because that’s what life is made of. “


— Benjamin Franklyn

Your time is worth more than anything in life. You can retrieve the money, material things, and experiences over and over again as long as you have time and energy. However, once these last two are over, nothing will help you get them back.

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However, we continue to waste time on things that are not worth our energy, like we have unlimited resources. It took me a lot to understand that every second we spend on things we don’t care about are seconds that we will not recover, but once I realized the importance of prioritizing what matters to me, there was no going back.

Here are five places you should not waste your time and energy because you are worth more than that.

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Trying to explain the details of your “Whys,” especially when people didn’t ask.

You are the only owner of your actions. If you think you are doing the correct thing for yourself and your happiness, then you don’t owe anyone an explanation of what you are doing.

Trying to explain the details of your whys is a waste of energy and time. You can tell your loved ones what you do and how you feel about it, but nothing else.

Validations lead to unhappiness because you are conditioning your well-being in how someone sees your actions. If you have already decided this is how you want to do something, then it is the only thing you need to go for it.

Vent your sorrows on social media

The other day I saw a tweet from a girl that was complaining about her mom, “My mother only calls me to ask me for money or to complain about my situation; I feel like a failure thanks to her, how difficult it is to live together.”

The only comments she received were from strangers saying that she was an ungrateful daughter, that she had to do something for her mother to treat her like that, or that nobody cared.

The problem with sharing your personal stuff on a social network is that anyone from anywhere in the world can see it, and not everyone wants to see you well. Stalkers, fraudsters, and malicious people can use the personal information you post to harm you.

Sometimes you think you’re letting off steam by posting personal things that upset you, but the reality is that you don’t gain anything good from that action. So you really shouldn’t be wasting your time and energy there.

If you really need to talk with someone, search for a friend or professional help; in that way, you will be using your time properly and will know for sure that you will find the help you are trying to reach on social media.

Dating people who don’t share your own vision.

Dating someone means that you should make sacrifices for each other at some point in your life together. But even though there are things you should stop doing for the well-being of the relationship, there are also non-negotiable ones.

If your partner doesn’t share your values, vision, and principles about how you want to live your life, at some point, you will feel that he or she is holding you back from being completely happy.

Of course, nobody would want a partner who agrees with you on everything and doesn’t challenge you to think about other paths of your journey, but you shouldn’t try to stay with someone who doesn’t share anything of your priorities.

One example is someone who likes to be an entrepreneur and build a life around growing their career and company in a well-established city, while the other likes adventure, bohemian life, traveling the world, and doesn’t save any money.

You might think that they can find a balance, but two different poles rarely create a healthy relationship, especially since one of them would have to make many sacrifices for the other.

Helping people who need you occasionally but are not really present in your life.

I used to have a friend who I had to take care of as she was my child. She always needed money for pills, transportation, and eat. She always had a problem, and our whole friendship was based on me taking care of her life.

The issue was that I realized that she never asked me about how I was. Not a single time. She always assumed that I was very fine because I had a stable job in a good company and never complained about anything. But she also didn’t care because everything was about her.

Having people that only talk to you for favors but never are really present in your achievements and happy moments is a waste of energy.

You may think you are doing something good by helping these types of people, but the reality is that you have your own problems and things to deal and you are not a superhero.

Sometimes we need to be selfish to prioritize our well-being, and they will be better if they do their own diligence than wait for someone to take care of them.

Being around people who are constantly complaining about everything.

Negative people drain other people’s energy.

When you are constantly around people who only complain, see the bad side of everything, and search for growth and peace, you will slow your performance because you will only see their point of view.

Some people think at some point that they could make them change their mindset, but this is also a waste of energy and time because they will not until they are ready.

I consider that one of the biggest mistakes of my life has been trying to change people without them asking me to. Nobody will change because you want to, and constantly trying to change their mind will be the biggest waste of energy and time you could have because it will be pointless.

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Final thoughts

“If you’re not living the life you deeply desire, you need to take an honest look as to why.”

Treat your time and energy as the most valuable assets you have. Time is not money or things; it is your life. And your energy is why you can do so many things now.

If you are not living the life of your dreams, analyze those places where you are spending your time and energy. If you are not having anything good in return, then remove it.

Some people, spots, and actions can drain your power and desires to grow, so always consider what is worth you before taking a step toward it.

CONTRIBUTED BY Desiree Peralta

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