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“I want to be successful”


Those are the words that haunt most people. It’s a seed that starts at around 18 and takes root as you fall into your twenties. Those 5 words rule your life if you’re not careful.

When life starts to take over, you have less and less time but more and more desire to live a life you love. If only you could do more in less time.

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These are the 5 one-minute productivity habits you need.

1. Scheduled time for creative pursuits

I have 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour after work for side hustle endeavours.

It sounds crazy but it’s not. Not when you realise that I started with just 20 minutes a day and progressed to this point over the last 2.5 years. When I started out I had no idea what I was doing. I was a mess.

Today I have clear times for my part-time creator pursuits.

If you want to find time to create on the side, you need to make time. That means getting up earlier or skipping an episode of your favourite Netflix crime thriller.

Habit 1: find time.

2. Flex for the days I want to stay in bed

I’m trying to get up earlier these days, 5 am ideally. Needless to say, every day so far this week it’s been hit and misses. 5 am, 6:30 am, and 7 am. I know awful.

Most people get stuck here. They set a goal, miss it and think it’s game over. They throw in the towel completely because they’ve ruined their streak and they know they can’t get it back.

This is where you are wrong.

Remember this productivity thing is about getting better in the macro, not the micro. Think big picture (2 years) not small (1 week). If you miss a day, get up late or whatever it doesn’t matter. There I said it. One day is nothing.

51 bad weeks out of 52 is a problem. 1 day in 18 days is the reality of life.

Habit 2: Stop worrying about the small stuff, if you stay in bed one day, forgive yourself and move on.

3. Podcasts during travel time

Motivation is your biggest productivity killer. Left alone in your own thoughts you start to doubt yourself. You could never make this work, little old you, you don’t know a thing about creating online.

I used to have these thoughts all the time.

So instead of having a pity party, I surrounded myself with people just like me that are doing way better than me to get excited to write on the internet.

Listening to podcasts during your travel time isn’t about learning, it’s about surrounding yourself with people that are just like you and that are doing the things you want to.

Habit 3: Build your environment to motivate yourself.

4. Leaning into discomfort

Yesterday I was scared about a meeting. This is a silly habit that I’ve developed over the last few months that is really getting me down recently.

It’s wasting so much of my time worrying. Here’s what I do instead.

Recognise that I’m feeling worried.
Write down all the reasons why.
Ask myself if anything like that has ever happened before (the answer is always no).
Ask myself even if it did happen, would it be the end of the world (the answer is definitely no now).
Then I move on with my life.

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Habit 4: explore your discomfort.

5. Allow bad feelings to sink

I used to think if I woke up in a bad mood, that was game over. There was no way to recover. For me, the day was over before it’d even begun.

The same was true if I was part way through a new creative project and feelings of uncertainty would creep over me. Thoughts that maybe I was doing the wrong thing, I should change tact because I didn’t see the results.

I would give in to these feelings for a long time and let them derail my day.

Now I let those feelings bubble to the surface but then sink back down. It happened to me today. I’m starting a new project, it’s day 10. I said I’d commit to this thing for 3 months. Now I’m looking at this thing and thinking I’ve done something wrong.

That I need to start over.

Instead of giving into those feelings I let them surface and watch them sink back down.

Habit 5: feel the bad feelings.


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