🌻9 Rules For a Good Life(GREAT LESSONS)


Effortless ways to live a life with minimal problems.

Your success is personal. Your failures are personal. Your happiness is personal, and goodness in life is personal.


By the grace of ALLAH, I am living a happy, blessed, and content life. These rules help me shape my life. Maybe these rules might not apply to you, but I am sure some of them will create a bit of ease in your life too.

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1. Everything happens for a reason, even when you’re unable to comprehend the cause behind it.

Your story is written by these best of writers. The twists, turns, wins, and losses make you a stronger person.

When good things happen people love it, but when bad things happen, people get upset.

But often times we forget that good or bad happens for a reason. And if we stay patient and grateful, we acquire the intelligence to understand the cause behind it.

2. To understand how life works, align your life with the right frequency.

Begin your life on a positive note and your whole day goes fine. Start with a negative mindset and you get more of it.

Thoughts become things. Whatever you send out in the universe, the same you get.

Each thought is a frequency. When you think positively, you send a positive frequency to the world. And the universe matches that frequency to turn it into a reality.

Remember the rule, before sending out a negative thought to the world.

3. What people think of you is none of your business.

Your story is personal. You’re the hero of your story. People don’t know anything about it. So, they don’t matter. Whatever they think about you has nothing to do with you.

Just grow and stick to yourself.

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4. People leave but life goes on

Imagine you’re traveling is a bus. You meet people. Connect with them. Stay with them for a while and then one by one every person gets off on their stop. This is how life operates.

When people leave you, it means GOD planned something better for you. Don’t cry. Don’t complain. Just embrace it. Be grateful. Consider it as a blessing from GOD and know that someone better is waiting for you out there.

5. Be the most optimistic person in the room

Human brain is trained to create patterns. And if there is information missing, the brain creates stories, and most of the time, these stories are negative.

Train your brain to find positivity in everything. Whether it’s people, events, or things happening in your life. Seek the positive in everything you do. The more positive you feel the more good things will show up in your life.

6. Happiness is unique for everyone. Find yours and stick with it.

Writing makes me happy. Helping people out makes me happy. Giving charity makes me happy. Happiness is a subjective term.

Find what makes you happy and do more of it. Take a memory trip to your childhood and grab something that excited you as a kid. Make time to repeat that thing.

7. Every failure is an opportunity for growth

Hurdles, problems, and failures are inevitable. You cannot prevent them. But you can learn, grow, and outmaneuver.

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Treat every failure as an opportunity. Think about what you can learn from it. And try again with the new information. Don’t let these small failures destroy your whole life.

8. Evolve or die

You can either evolve and survive and walk with the world, or you can stay in your comfort zone and let the world crush you and kill you with pressure and taunts and progress.

Gradually, grow your skill every day. Some days you will succeed, other days you’ll fail. But one thing you cannot afford to do is to stop trying. Do whatever improves your craft. Stop treating others as a competition. Compete with yourself every day.

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Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen.

9. Own your mornings and rule your day

Plan your mornings well. Begin your day with gratitude. Think big ideas. Plan your day. Analyze what went wrong the previous day.

Mornings are the most precious time of your day. Don’t let it slide. Fill your mind with grand ideas, execute things, and eat a healthy breakfast.

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Don’t let others upset you. Do whatever feels right for you. And express your love for the people you love. It’s your life. Live it the way you want.

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