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But most people underestimate it

A million dollars is as big as you make it and as small as you make it. It all depends on your direction in life. And this is not in the sense of what you do for work. Instead, it is in the sense of how you choose to do what you do for work. You can be a florist and be a millionaire. But you have to understand that you are not going to have just one shop.


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Making a Million Look Small

If you believe $100k will solve all your problems right now, aim for at least double. This is because getting $100k will come with its own problems. And if you are not wise, you will only expand your problems with the money.

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However, aiming for a million is better, as long as it is in your believable range. The reason many people daydream about making a lot of money and don’t get it is that it is out of their believable range.

So, this is the first task. Instead of trying to get a million into your believable range, do a number in your believable range first. What do you think you can get?

What do you think you deserve to be earning right now?

What amount would you speak to your current friends without skipping a beat? Can you boldly say you made $85k per month to your current friends? If not, then you know why you haven’t made that much money. Your current association is resisting it.

Making a million dollars small is all about upgrading yourself. When you go up, the money you make goes up too. Therefore, the only thing that should be on your mind is how to make yourself compatible with how much you want to make.

If you put a seed in good soil and you water it as required, it will germinate and grow. You don’t need to understand the definition of germination. You don’t need to have a Ph.D. in biology or plant science. In the same way, if you match yourself up with the conditions that create a million dollars, you will make the money. You may be the dumbest person in the world, but if the conditions come together you will make that much money.

The 3 Conditions to Make a Million

First, you must understand that you can make a million outside these conditions. However, these conditions make it super easy. You may find yourself already living in these conditions. And you may discover that you are still quite far away.

If you discover you are still far, things can still happen for you in a big way. It all boils down to your belief. But the advice here would be to match the conditions first. Or match the vibration of the conditions.

The 3 conditions are from my observation of people who are in the easiest position to make a million dollars. So, here they are:

Live and work where there is an abundance of millionaires already
Be involved in a business or work or industry where you know several people who have become millionaires
Sincerely understand that a million dollars is not a lot of money
In other words, the secret here is proximity. The closer you are to a million dollars, the more likely that you are going to make it.

Now, if you fulfill all 3 conditions and you are still short of making a million, let’s consider the one thing you need.

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The One Thing

The one thing had to be put in the context of everything that came before it in this article. Otherwise, you would probably be disappointed. That’s because it is not a novel idea at all. But it is the main ingredient as long as the 3 other conditions are fulfilled.

The one thing you need to make a million dollars is confidence — the confidence to come up with an ambitious plan and raise capital for it

That’s pretty much it. The capital in this context might not be money. Money is often involved, but also you need to win people over too. If the right people don’t join, you won’t succeed as you ought.

Confidence is all you need if you have the 3 conditions. But if you are lacking in one or more of those conditions, then you need to get in a position of those conditions or their vibrational equivalent.

I am helping a few people with those 3 conditions make 2023 their million dollar year. Get in touch if you want to be a part.

Some need help with confidence and others are in the position to do things themselves. You know which category you belong to. But if you are still quite far, here are a few things you can do.

Improving Your Proximity to a Million

If you aim to be a millionaire one day, you must work on your proximity to a million. Don’t worry about what you have to do to make the million. Just move closer to the action.

Sometimes you have to relocate. And you should. But do it with wisdom. The most important thing with relocating in this context is the position you are relocating to.

Many people move out of a town to a big city with the same position they are in the town. Meaning that nothing in their lives has changed. They just merely changed location. They are going to continue to be who they were. That is not improving proximity. Life will probably get worse that way.

Relocating after there are definite progressive changes in your life is improving your proximity. So, before you pack your bags, ask if you are already a different person.

If there are no visible signs that you are a different person, you will just go to the new place and manifest everything you are running from all over again. So, you must begin to see signs that your life is different before you relocate.

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The one condition you need to make a million dollars is confidence. The confidence to come up with an ambitious plan and raise the required capital for it. Don’t underestimate the power of this.


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