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Habits are the building blocks of one’s life. Good habits can make your life while bad ones can break it. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of habits and how easy it is for us to crave and repeat those bad habits even when we know that they are destructive to our well-being.

And it is exactly the opposite for good habits, how difficult it is for us to repeat those good behaviors despite knowing the fact that they are good for us and the people around us.


Building good habits and breaking bad ones will always be an uphill battle for all of us which is why anything worth achieving isn’t easy.

Some habits make us happy while others make us feel miserable and we should always try to eliminate behaviors that are making us and others around us unhappy.

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So here are 5 habits that you should get rid of as soon as possible.

1. Stop trying to control everything.

There are a lot of things in this world that we can control such as our behavior, desires, choices, opinions, perceptions, and everything of our own doing.

What we can’t control?

We can’t control other people’s opinions, the perception they have about us, and their behavior. We also have no control over a lot of events that happen around us but we can control how we respond to these events.

Actionable insight: Whenever you start worrying about something ask yourself “What is in my control?” and “what can I do about it?”

What’s within our control provides real clarity about the world around us.

2. Stop being ungrateful.

If I had to tell you one thing that will help you in maintaining tremendous joy throughout your life. Then that would be to remain grateful for everything in your life. Ungratefulness is a poison that contaminates every aspect of our life.

Thank the universe or god or whatever creative energy you believe in. For the people that left you, for the people that are with you, for your hardships, for all the good times, for things you haven’t received, and for the things you’ve received.

Feel grateful for everything because the universe knows better than we do and it will give or not give us things/people/experiences that we are not ready for.

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3. Stop procrastinating on your goals.

We may not die if we stop growing as a person but that existence won’t be considered living either. Nature thrives on growth and we also are a part of nature.

“Life is growth. You grow or you die.” — Phil knight

If we stop striving to become the best version of ourselves then we would grow resentful, unhappy, jealous, and ungrateful toward the people that are striving for it. Because we are not doing what they are doing which is called living.

So stop procrastinating on your goals, start striving towards them and take the first step. You don’t need to have all the boxes ticked before you start. You just have to start and sooner or later everything will fall into place as long as you keep going.

4. Stop escaping life.

Life is meant to be lived not escaped from. We do not try to escape our lives we try to escape from the problems we face in our lives.

If you crave a cigarette or a drink every time you argued with your wife/friend or you shy away from things/situations or people because you are too afraid to solve or face the issue then it’s escapism.

Some people escape by going on vacations, everyone has a different style of escapism.

But guess what more often than not the situation gets worse and delaying it causes damage.

In his book, The subtle art of not giving a f*ck Mark Manson said “Happiness comes from solving problems not by escaping them.”

Problems will be a constant in your life, a perfect life doesn’t exist, or perhaps shouldn’t exist. To be happy you need something to solve, avoiding problems or escaping them will only make your life miserable.

5. Stop trying to avoid pain

“Your real resume is just a catalog of all your suffering. If I ask you to describe your real life to yourself, and you look back from your deathbed at the interesting things you’ve done, it’s all going to be around the sacrifice you made, the hard things you did.” — Naval Ravikant

Pain transforms us, sure it hurts for a while but we need that pain to grow as a person to build our mental, physical and emotional strength. We need the pain to inspire change, without pain there is no change and without change, there is no growth and hence no life.

It’s the universe’s way of evolving us as better human beings. So stop wasting your time trying to avoid it and start learning to embrace it.

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These 5 habits are very personal to me because I’ve suffered from getting rid of each one of them at different phases of my life and I’m still struggling but the process of eliminating these habits have transformed me as a person, my life, my well-being and my relationship with myself and other people have improved many folds and that is all that matters to me.

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