🌻7 Money Mindset Hacks that Elevate You to Financial Freedom(MUST READ)


The mind is your secret weapon for financial success

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If you have a positive outlook on life, you’re likely to deal well with financial stress and other challenges that come your way.


If you have negative thoughts about money, it’s likely to hold you back.

I believe financial success is 80% mental, 20% learning, knowledge, and action.

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You have to be motivated to learn, you have to be excited to put that knowledge into action and you have to be passionate to stay consistent.

Thoughts influence action. Action influences results.

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You’re absolutely capable of rewiring your beliefs around money. Today I’m going to show you how by leveraging money mindset hacks.

1 — Create a goal in the present tense

Smart goals are one thing but sometimes they feel unrealistic or too far off to stay top of mind and exciting.

Instead, turn your goal into a positive present tense statement. It sounds like a daily affirmation if you do it right. For example:

I’m so happy and grateful I now earn $X amount a year and save X% of it towards retirement.
My family is able to live the life they deserve because I purchased the perfect home for us.
I’ve earned my time and freedom back because I created 5 passive income streams on my road to early retirement.
See the future. Speak it now. Make it happen.

2 — Identify your triggers or weaknesses

Costco is one of mine. For you, it might be Target, Amazon, or Whole Paycheck (Foods).

Other people have a subscription addiction. Or they can’t resist candy and magazines at the checkout stand. Others buy little luxuries at the airport when they travel as a stress coping mechanism. Some parents completely love spoiling their kids to an unnecessary level.

Even Instagram can be a time suck that leads to shopping via ridiculously accurate ads.

We all have weaknesses that cost us money. Identify yours. Own it. And make a decision to overcome or avoid them completely.

3 — Take a break from social media

I mentioned Instagram ads as an example. Facebook works the same way.

Plus, there’s the comparison aspect. Seeing your friends and family on epic vacations might spark an impromptu weekend away or over-the-top trip planning.

You can pause your accounts. You can make it harder to access by removing your saved passwords.

I bury these apps in a folder away from my home screen because if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.

You can use settings on your phone to limit your daily time on each social app. Or of course, you can delete the apps altogether.

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4 — Adopt a student mentality

Many of the best entrepreneurs and investors read a lot. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. Warren Buffet reads around 500 pages every day.

An easy place to start is reading a personal finance book. Pick one that can change your money mindset and motivate you to overcome your situation or continue growing your wealth in new ways.

Some finance books are scary and rely on fear tactics. Others are too in-depth and overwhelming. Avoid those.

Find something positive that speaks to you. Something personal. Something full of practical advice you can actually follow. Speaking of, I just described all 3 of my books so check those out on Amazon if you’re interested!

5 — Think of money as a person you’re in a relationship with

I once heard great advice to treat your mother as you do your best friend’s mom. Admit it, you’re nicer to other people’s parents, aren’t you?

What if you did something similar and treated your money as if you were in a relationship with it?

Technically we all do have a relationship with money — which can be healthy or not. But when you look at it as a person you realize you can grow together. You can create memories with one another.

If you treat it well and keep your money happy, it will return the favor. Write letters to it. Express gratitude towards it. Look forward to spending time with it. And even accept gifts from it from time to time.

6 — Give some money away

There might not be a better reminder about the purpose of money, how it can help people, and how fortunate you are than donating — even a small amount — to a cause.

Even better, the benefits go beyond that.

Studies show that any act of altruism — a selfless act for others — is connected to positive physical and mental effects. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this includes lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less incidence of depression, lower stress levels, and even longer life and greater happiness.

Giving a little can actually mean getting back a lot. Giving feels good and as a side effect, you benefit mentally.

7 — Find your flow state

If you’ve experienced a flow state while working, running, reading, or any other activity, you know what I’m talking about.

Flow is a state of optimal performance. It’s when you’re at peak productivity. You have no stress. Time seems to melt away. Your output can be 5x to 10x normal productivity.

A 10-year study showed you’re 500% more productive in a flow state. You’re 1,000% more productive if you hit flow twice a week.

Finding flow is a mental money hack because tapping into it often can lead to financial wins, such as a promotion. If you’re an entrepreneur, leader, or boss at work, you know how critical flow is.

For creators like myself, it can be a secret weapon if you know what gets you into your flow.

Flow is how I publish weekly YouTube videos for years. Each video used to take me 20 hours. I’ve gotten it down to 6–7. It’s because I know myself and when I should work on these videos to be most effective.

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Final Thoughts

It’s easy to scan this list and move on. But don’t.

Internalize each concept and put them into practice. It’s the only way to find out what works for you.

As you do, you will exude more positivity and experience more financial success.

Eventually, you’ll realize that earning the amount of money you want, getting that dream job, or getting out of debt isn’t only possible… it’s inevitable.

CONTRIBUTED BY Frankie Calkins

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