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By the time you finish reading this, you will get actionable points to start change beginning right now.


No more airy inspiration.

I’m tired of inspiration with no clear action. So here’s me trying to change that.

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First, I’ll tell you the desires that I had at 25. I was at an annoyingly boring corporate job in a shiny big MNC where growth prospects were good after a decade, but super slow to achieve.

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And as the junior most in the team, I spent most of my time daydreaming.

Here’s what I wanted from life:

Do what I love for a living
Work max 4 hours a day
Empty calendar
Own my time
Earn well
And I knew people on the internet are living this life. So why couldn’t I?


Now that you know my desires, here’s what I really didn’t want from life:

Get 5% sucky appraisals
Work full 8-hour workdays which started a century ago
When technology has advanced, why are we still slogging for peanuts?

So here’s how I changed it.

1/ Purpose

There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive. – Oprah Winfrey

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I believe you can find purpose by working on:

1.1. Self Awareness

When you’re self-aware, you can find your ‘big why’.

Why do you want to pursue the skill XYZ?

Why do you want to work less?

Why are you making this move?

This will help you get to know your ‘why’ and get to know yourself better. But this isn’t enough, which is why we have the next point.

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1.2. Service

“Success is not the result of making money; earning money is the result of success — and success is in direct proportion to our service.” — Earl Nightingale

To make a living doing something out of the ordinary, you have to be of service. You don’t need to sell solutions.

So ask yourself,

“How can I be of service?”

My answers were:

I want more time to do what I want
I will use my strengths to solve problems
Therefore I have a course even though I didn’t want one. My course, Summit 21, solves a problem many digital writers face — consistency.

2/ Mindset

You can change your mindset by working on your:

belief systems
moving to an abundance mindset

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You are only as capable as your mind tells you that you are.

For the longest time, I’ve felt I’m not good enough and am average. This stems from my childhood because I was never exceptional at studies or extracurriculars.

But guess what? You can reprogram your mindset.

2.1. Belief systems

Write your negative belief systems. This is everything you think of yourself and why you cannot achieve your dreamy desires.

Reprogram them by recognising they’re just stupid beliefs, not the truth.

2.2. Abundance mindset

We think we need to pull others down to rise. That there’s space only for one person to win.


There’s plenty for everyone. Move from a scarce mindset to an abundant one.

3/ Commitment

This comes with:

Be the hero

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When I started, I knew my desires, but only vaguely knew how to get there. So I committed to showing up with my skill — writing.

Results or no results, doesn’t matter.

Learning and improving will eventually help.

3.1. Systems

Don’t leave anything to inspiration.

No ‘one day’.

You got an idea? Work on it today.

I have given none of my plans time to think and analyse. I just shoot it — doesn’t matter if it works or it doesn’t.

Do everything as an experiment (which is why side hustling is better than taking a plunge and going all out).


“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories. ” — Plato

Show up X times a week. You define that X.

And then you show up no matter what. Even with no results, even with no money.

And this is why multiple income streams are important — so you’re not dependent on only one source.

Again, this is why side hustling is better than taking a plunge and going all out.

3.3. Be the hero

If I want to lead a business, I have to behave like somebody who leads one. That means having the right kind of:

Me, I asked myself:

“What does a $6-figure solopreneur do?”

Behave as they do. Look them up and steal their systems.

To Summarise

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Here’s everything we’ve discussed so far in 3 brief points:

finding your purpose and acting on it
reprogramming your mindset
committing to your vision
This can completely redesign your life.

Your Homework

Now, answer the following questions to get closer to redesigning your life.

Don’t just read them. For your future self’s sake, please answer them. I promise this will help you.

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1/ Purpose

What are your desires?
Why are they your desires?
What do you want to be known as?
How can your unique skill set be of service to others?
2/ Mindset

What is holding you back?
Why do you think you cannot do it?
Do you need to take everyone down to go up?
3/ Commitment

Can you create a strategy that isn’t difficult and helps you show up every day?
Can you commit to the process instead of the outcome? •
The person you desire to be like, are you like them right now in your own eyes? If not, what can you change?
And that’s the end. You can do it!

Don’t wait for a new year to start something new.

Start today.

CONTRIBUTED BY Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

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