🌻The 9 Things That Secretly Destroy Your Career


Not Actually Working —

A UK study found that the average worker is only productive for 2 hours and 23 minutes out of an 8 hour workday. No wonder the average worker struggles with their job. (Source: Survey Reveals Employee Productivity Averages 2 Hours and 23 Minutes a Day)

Expecting To Randomly Stumble Upon The Answers —

Most people go through their careers expecting to be fulfilled along the way without ever thinking about what would fulfill them. This sets an unrealistic expectation that will never be fulfilled and always leave the person disappointed. The world does not know what you want. You have to be the one that goes and gets it.


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Staying Fixated On Problems That Do Not Matter —

It doesn’t matter whether your end product will be available in 2 colors or 3, what matters is that it works well! Focus on what matters in the end and work on that first.

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Holding Grudges —

Not only does this reduce the amount of energy you have for work, it also makes the company less likely to succeed because of your grudge. Remember that everyone in the company wants the company to succeed. When it does, you make more and succeed more. You are all pulling the same rope. Fighting each other only means you have more of a chance to fail.

Not Investing In Growth —

Better safe than sorry” makes sense when you are thinking about jumping off a cliff, not when your business is not making any headway as it is. You must take some risks. They can be calculated, but you do have to take them. Remember that you will get the same things as you’ve gotten if you continue to do the same, and although the unknown can lead to more problems it is still better than a certain decline.

Being Too Arrogant —

No one knows everything. If you believe you are an exception to that rule then you are also considering yourself better than Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and so many other successful people that all have people they take advice from!
Sacrificing Everything — Yes, you do have to make some sacrifices to get ahead in your career, but be careful you do not sacrifice too much; your work will not be able to make up for every other area of your life. Keep a good, healthy balance in every area of your life so you are not drained from the start or burnout later.

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Not Improving Yourself —

Getting into the career is not the end of your learning curve, it’s merely the beginning! The world keeps moving and it will leave you behind if you do not grow.
Negative Self-Talk/Attitude — If all you’re thinking about while at work is how much you want to go home, it will be a very long, stressful and difficult week. Do not make it harder than it is. Keep a positive & optimistic attitude about what you do or you will run yourself into more burnouts than you can handle.

CONTRIBUTED BY Lukas Schwekendiek

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