🌻9 Ways to Make Your Life Interesting And Worth Talking About(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


Stop fooling around and take control of your life.

Are you living a boring life? Is your life worth talking about?


Every soul in the world is blessed with traits to become a better version of themselves. If you’re not living a worthy life, this blog will help you get on the right track.

1. People don’t give a damn about your life

Everyone has their problems. No one gives a damn about your life. People want something to talk about. So, when people ask questions or suggest how you must spend your life, listen to them from one ear and throw it out from the other.

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It’s your life. No one can instruct you on how to live your life. Find your way. Make your way. Your successes are personal. Your failures are personal. And even your celebration is personal.

Don’t let others upset. What they think about you is none of your business. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

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2. Crying won’t help, but moving ahead will

People die. People leave. You cannot do anything about it. Life goes on.

Throughout life, people will leave, and it might hurt you to the core. But understand that whoever belongs in your life will stay, and everything else will go.

Don’t cry over cheap people. Let them leave. GOD has something better for you in the store. Be patient.

3. Maybe sleeping for 8 hours helps, maybe not

Sometimes I sleep 4 hours and wake up fresh. Other times even sleeping for 10–12 hours make me cranky.

My colleague needs 10 hours of sound sleep to function well the following day. Another co-worker only requires 5 hours to refresh his body.

The thing is, everybody has their own needs. Figure out how much sleep you need for optimum performance and stick to it.

Avoid studies. Do the practical yourself and see how your life will change.

4. Try to find a lesson in every failure

Failures are unavoidable. Unsuccessful people runway or prevent failure. In contrast, successful people learn something from every failure and try again with a different approach.

As Marie Forleo, a famous author, says, “Everything Is Figureoutable.”

At first, you might not succeed. Learn the root cause of the problem. Why did you fail? And try again with a better approach.

5. Organize your life

The world is in chaos. To get something out of life, you must organize your life. Create goals, a mission, and a list of things you want to achieve, and plan your life around those goals.

Use a top-notch project management app to get things done faster. Nothing works if you don’t plan things ahead of time. Prioritize life. Execute things. Fail. Succeed. Try again. That is how you need to live your life.

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6. Forgive, not because they deserve it, but because you deserve peace

At the core, everyone is struggling with something.

You might not understand why people do what they do. Forgive them anyway. In the end, it’s not about them; it’s about you living with peace for the rest of your life.

Don’t keep grudges at all. Over time these grudges will eat you up. The easy way out is to forgive people.

7. Reward yourself. It helps big time

Why wait for others to reward you? Become your best supporter.

Whenever I receive a heart-whelming comment from a reader, I reward myself with KFC Buffalo Wings. That’s my way of celebrating.

Do the same for yourself. Order something you love or go for a movie alone. Do something that makes you happy.

8. Appreciate your stubborn friends

On a humorous note, “A good friend will help you move, but the best friend will help you move the body.”

Some friends will stick with you in good and bad. Keep these friends close. They might force you to move away from your comfort zone, but it’s for your good.

Keep these friends closer to your soul.

9. Dream big; small ones suck

Have you imagined your life after 5 years?

If not, I urge you to make a goal and stick to it. For me, it’s becoming a best-selling author that influenced 100,000 lives. I visualize this dream every morning and every night.

What is your big dream?

Make a plan to achieve that dream. Visualize the desired results and do one thing daily that brings you close to your dream.

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Closing note

Life is a collection of phases. Maybe you’re going through a challenging phase of life right now. Or maybe, it’s all good for you. But understand that nothing remains the same forever.

To live an exciting life, you must integrate all the above things into your life. Then and only you’ll be able to share your life story with your


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