🌻Master A Skill, Become An Expert, And Certification In 2 Steps (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


If you’re interested in becoming a master in your field, here’s how to get there

I was confused about what field I wanted to become a top Master in.


I plan to quit my job shortly.

Reflecting on my accomplishments in the last two years is difficult, but it’s a good exercise. It helps me realize that my most vital skill is CONTENT.

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That’s why I want to persevere on this path.

I realize that sometimes I’ll be discouraged and tempted to quit, but I still want to improve my ability to achieve expert-level achievements in the CONTENT field.

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I found a book that mentions the method to help me solve this problem — Mastery by George Leonard.

Step 1 — Define the skill you want to master

You can never become an expert if you don’t know what you’re an expert in.

It’s important to know what you want.

For example, I want to become a master in the field of content marketing.

If you don’t know the skill you want to Master, ask yourself: “ What do I enjoy doing? What am I good at? What do I get paid for? What would I be willing to pay to learn how to do well?”

Step 2 — A method to become a Skill Master in particular

Here I will talk about what you can apply in your life rather than theoretical notions. To become a Master, we must put in enough time and experience before achieving that status.

The road to success is not straight, and you will have many obstacles to overcome. The following method has helped me greatly, and I hope it will also work for you.

Because we live in an era where everything is fast and convenient, it’s sometimes hard to stick with a skill or subject long enough to see results. But this is the answer for you!

At the end of each week, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I around instructors in my chosen field? Is my instructor a Master’s?
  2. Am I practicing intentionally?
  3. Am I enjoying my current workout?
  4. Am I exploring more deeply in this field?

I answer these questions every weekend to remind myself of where I want to be in the future.

Redefining your actions will allow you to clarify whether you are on the right path or not.

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I like the quote, “Clarity creates energy.”

It reminds me of when I felt confused about what I was doing. I didn’t know what I was looking for or if I was on the right track.

These ambiguities make us feel tired.

I can do many things to help us get out of ambiguity, and this is one of them.

When we are clear about our goals, we can focus on what we want and not be distracted by negative thoughts.

Here are 2 steps to help you become more transparent and consistent on your path in your chosen field. Consider answering these questions to see if you are on the right track!


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