🌻15 Common Things High Performers Do to Outperform 99% of People


In the next 9 minutes, you’ll learn the common things that high performers do to outperform everyone else — and how you can become one.

Top performers, also known as “A Players”, approach work differently than average employees.


Maintaining High Energy is one of the biggest secrets of high-performing individuals.

One of the famous saying from one of the famous high performer, Pablo Picasso once said —

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“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

So, do you want to become a true high performer, not only in your business but in your entire life?

Well, in today’s article, we’ll take a look at the things high performers do to stay ahead, and how you can emulate these as well.

Sounds fun?

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Alright, let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. They Are Consistent

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

It was a result of consistent effort.

Well, this might sound like a cliché line. It’s a simple philosophy that most high performers live by.

“Consistency is the key to achieving your goals, any goals!”

And it means you’re dedicating yourself to these goals no matter how difficult things may get.

Consistency in the workplace also means that top performers complete their tasks on time and are also reliable.

Their colleagues at the office can count on them to complete their quota of every task which will in turn make them stand out.

If you want to become a top performer you have to put in the work, there’s no other way around it.

And if you aren’t willing to put in the work, then you might just have to settle for less.

2. They Have Open Minds

“No one is an island of knowledge!”

It’s is a phrase that no one believes stronger than high performers do.

These folks know that there’s always something to learn, something that would present them with a huge load of opportunities.

Having an open mind means that they’re always willing to change their stance on a subject when they discover something new.

The world is an ever-changing place, and what you knew as the truth five years ago could be very different today.

To become a top performer, you must always ask the right questions and listen closely to the answers.

3. They Read

Is there anything you want to learn that hasn’t been written down in a book somewhere?

We don’t think so!

Books contain almost every piece of information humans have gathered over the years on practically every subject.

By just dedicating a few hours of your day to reading, you’ve not only invested in learning something new, you’ve also taken an active step toward finding a life-changing idea.

This is because reading forces us to be imaginative, and a sharp imagination does a lot of good to your creativity.

Why else do you think high performers read a lot of books?

4. They Have Clear-Cut Goals

High performers know what they want and they’re ready to go for it.

The first step to becoming successful is to identify what your goals are, both long-term and short-term, and how you can turn these goals into actionable plans.

But it isn’t just about having goals, it’s equally important that your goals are clearly defined.

High performers don’t just say:

“I want to be rich in five years.”

They understand that this is a vague goal, one that could mean a lot of different things under different circumstances.

So, rather they say:

“I want to create multiple streams of income in five years, get a new home and be financially independent.”

You see the difference?

The first one sounds more like a wish, while the other one signifies what a properly defined goal should look like.

By having clear-cut goals, high performers can create a defined plan dedicated to achieving these goals.

5. They Focus on Quality

It can be tempting to want to complete as many tasks as possible in record time.

Who wouldn’t want to boast about how many tasks they completed on their to-do list?

However, high performers don’t necessarily buy this sentiment. They’re more interested in the quality of the tasks completed rather than how many tasks they can complete.

Focusing on quality will eventually make it easier to complete tasks in record time as you would have done these tasks over and over again while still maintaining utmost quality.

6. They Leave Their Comfort Zones

Do you expect things to change if you keep doing the same thing over and over again just because that’s how you know how to do them?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news readers.

But things won’t be any different if you fail to leave that comfortable spot you’re in.

A high performer knows that staying in their comfort zone limits their ability to think outside of the box.

So, rather than sit down and wallow in an endless cycle of failures, they decide to do things differently.

Seek new knowledge and break some more boundaries.

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7. They Network With Other People

The importance of meeting new people cannot be overemphasized.

Networking opens you up to new experiences, skills, and opportunities, and it all begins with knowing the right people.

High performers show genuine interest in other people. They ask important questions and also listen intently.

This is the way to build genuine relationships, be it personal or professional, and mastering it could mean much more for your career.

8. They’re Willing to Make Sacrifices

High performers are always the ones willing to stay late just to make sure the job gets done.

They’re the ones that go the extra mile to complete a task.

Sometimes, they even put the needs of other people or an organization before their own.

All in a bid to achieve a desired result.

However, making these sacrifices can have a big effect on the mental and physical health of these individuals.

I mean, some of these individuals might push themselves to work on weekends and holidays leaving them with barely enough time for themselves and their families.

And this makes it crucial to draw a line between your personal and professional life.

While it’s important to make sacrifices to become a top performer, it is equally as important that it doesn’t affect your personal life in an adverse way.

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9. They Develop Their Emotional Intelligence

We can all agree that there is more of a need for technical skills in today’s world.

But does that mean that these are the only important skills to learn?

Definitely not!

Learning soft skills in tandem with improving your emotional intelligence is just as important as having technical skills.

No matter what you do, there will always be a need to interact with other people no matter how minor.

And high performers understand this emotional intelligence could be the difference between just being a random person and being a great person.

How you treat people and react in situations is just as important as the other skills you bring to the table.

If you’ve wondered why high performers are cool with everyone, it’s because they’ve developed their emotional intelligence and improved their people skills.

Sounds cool, right?

Well, you can also be just like that.

10. They Know When to Say No

Top performers are known to make sacrifices, but this doesn’t suggest that they’ll say “yes” to every assignment.

High performers love to take on new tasks as this will present a learning opportunity and a chance for growth, but they also know that there are limits to this.

If they say “yes” to every request every assignment, it’s only a matter of time before everyone dumps their tasks onto them,

Hence, it is critical to know when to say “no”.

In fact, this is an ultra important professional skill for every individual.

Saying “yes” to all requests will naturally increase the work that you have to do, and this could cause you to lose track of what’s really important.

So, moral of the story here is set firm boundaries and say “no” with a smile on your face.

11. They Are Positive

Positivity is a common trait of high performers. They know that crying over spilled milk is pointless.

So, they choose to look on the brighter side of things.

In their relationships with other team members, they also radiate positivity there, whether it’s in an interaction with a superior or a junior team member.

High performers understand the importance of attitude in the workplace.

A negative attitude will make the environment tense which could hinder creativity and collaboration.

Positive attitudes on the other hand, enhances creativity and allows high performers to put all their focus on the task at hand.

Importantly, when high performers are assigned a challenging task, they don’t complain, instead they look at it from a positive angle which in turn makes a challenging task look easier.

12. They Accept Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism isn’t to undermine your abilities nor is it an opportunity for people to throw the middle finger at your efforts.

Constructive criticism is actually an attempt to help you become better at what you’re doing.

To become a top performer, you have to be willing to accept constructive criticism.

Know that it isn’t meant to take away the good things you might have done, but instead to help you become better at it.

It’s important not to take these things personally as it is not an attack on your personal life, instead ask questions on how you can make something better.

Also, use this as a learning opportunity, and be sure to thank whoever criticized your work as this constructive criticism will do you more good in the future.

13. They Know When to Ask for Compensation

Being a top performer means you know when to ask for what you deserve.

If you’re contributing heavily to the success of an organization, then you have every right to ask for a salary increase.

Since high performers are also confident individuals, asking for compensation isn’t too much of a problem for them.

Most times if these top results aren’t balanced out with the right rewards, those top performers don’t mind walking away to work with someone else.

14. They Learn New Skills

What would qualify a person to be a high performer if they had the same skills as everyone else?

What makes high performers different is how skilled they are and how willing they are to learn new skills.

Learning new skills also shows that you’re willing to go far beyond and improve the quality of your work, which in turn will benefit an organization.

Learning new skills also gives top performers some leverage to ask for better and improved pay.

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15. They Pay Attention to Their Health

It’s very easy to forget about your health when you talk about self-development and the professional space.

This is because employers and colleagues are usually interested in your output and not the body that produces the output.

Top performers know this and they give the right attention to their bodies and health.

Even though people aren’t talking about this nearly enough, your physical and mental health determines your output.

A person suffering on a hospital bed isn’t at their most productive, and they probably won’t be able to complete important tasks.

So, how do you initiate some healthy habits?

For starters: Make sure you never substitute your rest and sleep hours for something else.

Night time is for sleeping!

Working until 3 AM doesn’t make you the most hard-working person out there. It’s actually just damaging your health in the long run.

Exercising regularly is also a common trait of a high performer.

Take billionaires for example. A number of them follow strict fitness routines including —

Richard Branson
Jack Dorsey
Mark Zuckerberg
And finally, as you would have seen that high performers have no magic genie that makes them different.

It’s nothing but a series of conscious efforts to make themselves different.

And who says you can’t become a top performer too?

With a positive mindset and a willingness to put in the work, you’re on your way to becoming a top performer in your field.

So, are you ready to get to work readers because we’re here to cheer you on every step of the way.


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