🌻7 Mistakes to Avoid that can Ruin Your Life. (MUST READ)


I have been working on myself since so long and I have full length of mistakes which I made till this date.

This mistakes which I am going to talk about is not only about me, I found This in almost all of other teenagers and adults.


We often spend our life looking at mistakes of others, but have you ever gave thought on your own weaknesses and mistakes? Sometime you will find one and later another. But in this blog, I will let you know about the 7 most common yet dangerous mistakes that can ruin your life.

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7 most common mistakes that can ruin your life.

1 Trying to Watch Complete Path at Once: –

Have you ever left your home by first confirming that all the signals which are coming your way, turned green or not? No, right.

You didn’t stopped at your home just by saying: Ahh! Let all the signals turn into green, then I will move even single step.

Sometimes you have a brilliant idea. That idea can be of anything, about studies, business etc. But still you are not working on that idea. Just because you want know about your success, failures, Income, Hurdles, Competition………

Everything at once, right sitting over there.

If I am late in any of the things in my life, It is just because of this weakness which I had since the beginning. I realised it earlier but still didn’t knew what to do? But now I knew it and that is,

Start Taking Initial Steps From The Beginning of The Idea, As It will Keep Your Mind’s Pace Steady and Effective.

If You want to extract anything worthy out of this blog, just take this advice.


2 Downgrading Yourself:-

Always appreciate others, But without Depreciating yourself. Everyone of us has some kind of weaknesses but exposing them into the world where nobody cares what you have and what not? is stupidity.

if you have any weakness which you want to conquer, conquer it privately.

Or share it with people who won’t take advantage of your weaknesses, but choose wisely.

Never tell your weaknesses to others, Who can do nothing about it. It will only downgrade your self worth in front of the world.

3 Fear of Taking Right Decisions.

On your deathbed, in the twilight of your life, it will not be all the risks you took that you will regret the most. Rather what fill your heart will greatest amount of regret and sadness will be all those risks that you did not take, all those opportunities that you did not seize, and all those fears that you did not face.

If there is something which you know is right for you deep within, then don’t stop yourself from taking that decision.

Sometimes you knows everything, what your heart wants but still because of lack of courage, you didn’t take any step but remember:

“Fortune is not on the side of Faint-hearted.”

4 Deep Thinking but Shallow Execution.

Sometimes we spend hell lot of time in just thinking about, What we want to do? but never give a second in actually doing it.

This is the major problem which is called as PROCRASTINATION.

Thinking alone will not give you any fruitful results but it will only do one thing for you, GIVING AN ILLUSION OF PRODUCTIVITY.

“If you don’t act on life, then life has habit of acting on you.”

Decision is all yours to make.

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5 Depleting Inner Self for Outer Success.

Success is nothing but improvement into your existing self and turns out to be a better self.

Go and get name, fame and incredible amount of money in the world but also get peace, health and happiness inside. In the midst of success, don’t forget to Flourish your mind’s garden.

Both the aspects are necessary.

Don’t focus on outside success by stacking your inner being

6 Comparing Your Backsides With Other’s Highlights.

One of the most loving habit of everyone of us that is COMPARISON. We love downgrading our self by looking at the highlights of others. Without looking for their pains, problems and purpose

Whenever you see someone of your age very successful and famous, Just go for the analytics rather than comparison.

Go and check, When did he started it all? Ask them, What they had faced till now?

Go and check for the purpose of what they are doing. Don’t just follow the herd.

And then After getting all the analytics decide Whether it is comparable or not?

“Learn to be happy in the success and happiness of others in the same way you do for yourself.”

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7 Drifting Without Discipline.

Last but not the least, Follow your success with disciplined mind.

By being stricter with yourself, You will begin to live life more deliberately, on your own terms rather than simply reacting to life the way a leaf floating in a stream drifts according to the flow of current on that particular day.

“The successful person has the habit of doing the things failure don’t like to do.”

I hope you got some values out of this. Conquer your weaknesses and fears, and hunt all the opportunities waiting for you at your doorstep.

Thank you precious time.

Best of luck.

CONTRIBUTED BY Deeya chouhan

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