6 Toxic Habits that WILL destroy your life.


6 Toxic Habits that WILL destroy your life

1. Comparison

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You are not aware of the tracks the other person has to travel through his or her journey,


the obstacles, the challenges, you never knew what their life is about, what they’re dealing with, and the hidden battles they face.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

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2. Complaining

Complaining will lead you to spend more time explaining poor results or failure

instead of accepting the difficulty and finding your way through it for any difficulties, you will face in life.

3. Overthinking

Thinking too much about things isn’t just a nuisance.

It can take a serious toll on your well-being.

No one breaks your heart and mind more than you do by overthinking every little thing.

4. Procrastination

You can have your goals and plans, but when the time comes to take action towards them, if you developed the habit of procrastinating, you will constantly push these actions to a later date.

At the end of the day, your goals may not be achieved.

5. Staying in your comfort zone

We all love to do things we already do.

We never try new things, which increases our discomfort.

In reality, if you want to improve yourself, then the only best way is to do new things slowly &
consistently over time.

6. Letting the past dictate your present and your future

Just like an elephant, chained to a stick, it’s conditioned to believe it cannot escape, many of us also become prisoners of our past.

How often do let your past influence what you do now?

Having a bad past relationship and letting it influence your present and future ones is a choice you make, however unaware you are.


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