This Is How Rich People Think (And How You Don’t)


This Is How Rich People Think (And How You Don’t)

If you want to be a rich person, you have to act like one (#4 is crucial).


Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett.

These are some names you will have heard of (I’m assuming) – but what do they have in common?

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If you answered “they are billionaires”, you would be right.

But, how did they become billionaires?

Let’s take a step back – how do millionaires or multi-millionaires also get wealthy?

88% of millionaires are self-made, so the inheritance excuse is out the window.

I’ll tell you the secret – it’s the way they act.

They act differently from 99% of people on Earth.

So if you want to join the 1% – follow these 10 ways.

  1. They Are Emotionally Stable

Rich people don’t panic when their investments go down – they get excited to buy the dip.

They don’t panic when random issues arise – they get excited because there’s a challenge to solve.

On the other hand, they don’t get overly excited when their investments go up.

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” – Sun Tzu
Being emotional will destroy your wealth.


To act like a rich person, adjust to any problem that arises and stay efficient.

When you succeed, don’t get overly happy. Be ruthless and focus on your next task.

Stay winning.

  1. They Have Discipline

Nothing good in life arises without discipline. It is foundational to being successful in any aspect.

In this era of abundance, 99% of people aren’t disciplined (this used to be me).

Spending money on luxuries you don’t need
Staying up till 3 am and waking up at 2 pm
No set routine
These are all examples of habits that rich people do not do.


Next time you want to put something off, sleep in a little late, cheat on your diet, binge watch Netflix 6 days in a row.


Read the book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear to get a clear view of how important discipline and good habits are.

  1. They Learn Daily

Learning expands your mind to new insights and theories.

Learning is for your brain what exercise is for the body.

Remember when I mentioned Warren Buffet earlier? He reads 500 pages a day.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

“500 pages?!”

You don’t need to read that much, but you do need to wake up smarter than you were the day before.


Try to ‘learn’ 1 hour per day (if you’ve read up until this point you are probably 5 minutes into that number)

It doesn’t have to be books, it can be podcasts, articles, newsletters, blogs, reports.

Imagine being known as the person who’s well-read and smart? Get to work.

  1. They Create More Than They Consume

Rich people get hated on by the same people who use their products (funny isn’t it)

“I hate capitalism!” – Anon on Twitter from their iPhone.

Look, the simple matter of the fact is if you want to become rich, you have to create something that others consume.

Bezos? Amazon

Gates? Microsoft

Jobs? Apple

Now I’m not saying create something revolutionary that changes the world, but you can create something that changes your life.

This article that you’re reading right now? I created it.

And I will get paid for it in the future.

That’s how powerful the Internet is.


If you’ve got something to talk about – health, wealth, philosophy, politics, mindset, self-improvement or whatever you’re interested in.

Start creating content around it.

P.S. People earn over $100k/year posting content online.

You can fast track your journey to $100k here.

5. They Have Systems

How do you know if you’re improving on something if you don’t measure it?

That’s what goals are for – and you set systems to achieve these goals.

Rich people will split it up like this:

Daily/Weekly to-do list
1-month goal
3-month goal
6-month goal
5-year goal
10-year goal
The average person doesn’t know what they are doing tomorrow, let alone in 10 years.


Let’s say you have a financial goal of earning $100k per year.

What does an average person do? Become afraid of that figure and go back to mediocrity.

What does a rich person do?

$100k/365 days = $274 per day.

Then they figure out a way to make that amount using the list I mentioned above (look at Point 4 if you need help).

6. They Network

Rich and intelligent people realize there are other successful people in the positions they want to be in.

They are humble enough to learn/seek help from everyone.

You can learn something from everyone.

I’ll give you my experience.

I never knew how to grow a Twitter account, so I paid for a course and joined a network.

I now have 6k followers.

I never knew how to write on Medium, so I did the same thing as above.

You get the point.


If there’s an area in you’re life you feel stuck in – seek help from those in the positions you want to be in.

That’s what rich people do.

Provide value to others and you shall receive it back.

Money is just one way to provide value to someone.

7. They Have Great Work Ethic

It’s an obvious requirement that to be rich, you have to work.

At the start of your journey, it can be relentless.

But ask yourself this one important question (which all rich people ask themselves)

Do I work 40 hours/week until I’m 65?

Or do I work 60 hours for a few years to retire much earlier?


There isn’t much to say about this.

Just understand that anything worth having will require hard work – that’s why 1% of people are successful.

Take pride in knowing that you’re on the way to joining this elite group.

  1. They Don’t Give Up

Curiosity + Discipline + Hard Work + Consistency + Resilience = Success

Millionaire = Fail 10 times and succeed on the 11th.

Average = Fail 1 time and forget about it.

It’s very disheartening to work hard on a business/project only for it not to be as successful as you thought it would.

But every failure is used as a lesson (you can see the links between the traits here).

Rich people do not give up on their goals and will continue to break through any barriers that arise in their way.

When is the last time you’ve heard of someone becoming rich without any setbacks? (apart from winning the lottery)

It doesn’t exist.


This is another one of those things that are inherent.

You must learn to embrace failure and use it as a lesson.

If you want to improve your mentality, improve your physicality (the gym) — they are both linked.

  1. They Invest & Take Risk

They invest not only in themselves but also in financial assets.

Rich people understand how tax laws work, how to grow their money and how to preserve it.

Once you start making a lot of money, you realise that it becomes much easier to make a lot more.

Rich people understand that money is just a tool, and you need to expose it to risk if you want to make more of it.


If you want to invest like the rich, and learn how they handle their finances.

I suggest you read this article that I posted (after you finish this one):

  1. They Are Calculated

Everything a rich person does is with intention and with a cost/benefit analysis.

An example of a cost/benefit analysis:

Scenario 1: Product A costs $100 but returns $50

Scenario 2: Product B costs $1000 but returns $5000

Most people would choose the 1st scenario because it costs less, but the value in the 2nd is higher.

It’s not only financial decisions that they calculate, it’s in business, it’s in life, it’s everything.


Think about the decisions you make in terms of the benefit you receive from them.

Is it worth spending money to impress others? Or would that money be better to put to use elsewhere?

Here are 7 decisions you should make to 10x the quality of your life:


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